Rather interesting lecture

November 18, 2006


A rather well thought out lecture on the media.The only flaw with this is that Australia with help of her government, has some of the worse infrastructure in the developed world stopping this “digital revolution” in its tracks.

Sure things are changing but we are being left behind badly.We are in danger of being the poorer relations of europe and america, when our wealth and economy that the government claims means that they could invest in the infrastructure needed.

This is only going to get worse when telstra is fully privatised, where infrastructure is going to be installed where the money is at, not where its needed and not for the benefit of all people of Australia.

Senator coonan put your money where your mouth is, make sure that we are not behind at all.


Disturbing parallels

November 17, 2006

The vocabulary of fascism

Steve Yoder

Just in time for the November elections, the White House is again trying to make the case that the “global war on terror” has this in common with World War II: the enemies are fascists bent on world domination. President Bush said in August that the United States is “at war with Islamic fascists who will use any means to destroy those of us who love freedom, to hurt our nation”. Defence Secretary Rumsfeld said that the administration�s critics are trying to appease “a new type of fascism.” Bush and Rumsfeld are right on message: the Associated Press reports that “Islamic fascism” is indeed the Republican buzzword for the fall campaign.

Since Bush and Rumsfeld have opened up the issue, it�s fair to assess whether the administration itself has ideological links with fascism. This is not a new topic, to be sure: Bush has gotten his fair share of comparisons to Hitler. Most of these have been ill conceived in terms of effect: Bush has not ordered Muslims into death camps en masse, outlawed opposition parties, or used overt lebensraum [living space] logic to justify invading two countries.

But in terms of language, the administration�s link to the Nazis deserves serious scrutiny. What follows is a sampling of how the administration�s messaging stacks up with that of the Third Reich on war, national security, and executive power.

Allies and Enemies

“Over time it�s going to be important for nations to know they will be held accountable for inactivity. You�re either with us or against us in the fight against terror.”
George W Bush, 2001

“My party comrades, today the swastika forces the world to take a position for or against us. The world must decide, it has no choice. There can be no compromise.”
Dr Robert Ley, Nazi Reich Organisation Leader, 1939

Executive Authority

“In light of the President�s complete authority over the conduct of war, without a clear statement otherwise, we will not read a criminal statute as infringing on the President�s ultimate authority � Congress lacks authority under Article I to set the terms and conditions under which the President may exercise his authority as Commander-in-Chief…”
Memo by Judge Jay Bybee, head of the Bush administration�s Office of Legal Counsel, US Department of Justice, 2002.

“The authority of the Fuehrer is not limited by checks and controls, by special autonomous bodies or individual rights, but it is free and independent, all-inclusive and unlimited …”
Adolf Hitler, 1934

International Law

“In my judgment, this new paradigm [of the stateless terrorist] renders obsolete Geneva�s strict limitations on questioning of enemy prisoners �
Alberto Gonzalez, then White House Counsel (now Attorney General), 2002

“Geneva Conventions? Obsolete rubbish.”
Marshal Wilhelm Keitel, chief of staff of the German Army, 1939

International Opinion

“Our job is not to conduct international opinion polls, but to defend the American people.”
Dick Cheney, 2004

“Any attempt to criticise, judge or reject my actions from the rostrum of international presumption has no foundation before history and personally leaves me stone-cold.”
Adolf Hitler, 1939


“Problem: The current guidelines for interrogation procedures at GTMO [Guant�namo] limit the ability of interrogators to counter advanced resistance. [Approved] category II techniques [include] (1) the use of stress positions (like standing), for a maximum of four hours�.(5) deprivation of light and auditory stimuli � (7) the use of 28-hour interrogations � (9) switching the detainee from hot rations to MREs [meals ready to eat]�.(12) using detainees� individual phobias (such as fear of dogs) to induce stress.”
Memorandum signed by Donald Rumsfeld in 2002 with the note,
“However, I stand for 8-10 hours a day. Why is standing limited to 4 hours?”

“Third degree may only be applied if it is clear from preliminary investigation that the prisoner can give information on important facts, as social or subversive to the State and to the Reich, but will not disclose what he knows, and the information cannot be obtained by investigation … Third degree can, according to the circumstances, consist, among other methods, of very simple diet (water and bread), hard bunk, dark cell, deprivation of sleep, exhaustion drill, but also in the administration of flogging (for more than 20 strokes a doctor must be consulted).”
Heinrich Mueller, Chief of the Gestapo, 1942


“Weakness and drift and vacillation in the face of danger invite attacks … Only America has the might and the will to lead the world through a time of peril, toward greater security and peace.”
Dick Cheney, 2003

“A defenceless nation is a danger to peace. Its defencelessness all too easily invites the attention of easy attacks by foreign armies.”
Rudolf Hess, Nazi Party Deputy Fuehrer, 1934

Pre-emptive War

“I don�t think it makes any sense if you�re serious about prosecuting the war on terror, if you�re serious about defending the nation, if you believe as I do and the President does that the best defence is a good offence, that you�ve got to go on offence and go after them over there where they plot and train and plan so we don�t have to fight them here at home.”
Dick Cheney, 2004

“For perhaps many a person will ask himself the question, why are we fighting at such great distances? We are fighting at such great distances in order to protect our homeland, in order to keep the war as far removed from it as possible � It is therefore preferable to keep the front line at a distance of 1000 and if necessary 2000 kilometres from the borders of the Reich, than to hold that front somewhere near the border of the Reich and to be forced to hold it there.”
Adolf Hitler, 1942

Prisoners of War

“Under Article 4 of the Geneva Convention, Taliban detainees are not entitled to POW status � To qualify as POWs under Article 4, al Qaeda and Taliban detainees � would have to have worn uniforms or other distinctive signs visible at a distance �”
Ari Fleischer, White House Press Secretary, 2003

“[English and American] sabotage units in civilian clothes or German uniform have no claim to treatment as prisoners of war.”
Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, German Chief of Military Intelligence, 1942

(Here both the Nazis and the Bush administration ignored a key provision of the Geneva Conventions, which requires that all prisoners be given prisoner-of-war status until a court determines otherwise.)


“We don�t lie. We don�t need to lie. We do empower our operational commanders with the ability to inform the Iraqi public, but everything we do is based on fact, not based on fiction.”
Major General Rick Lynch, spokesman for the Multinational Force in Iraq, on the US military�s practice, with Bush administration approval, of planting news stories in Iraqi newspapers that are written by US soldiers posing as freelance journalists.

“Its [propaganda�s] task is the highest creative art of putting sometimes complicated events and facts in a way simple enough to be understood by the man on the street � Good propaganda does not need to lie, indeed it may not lie.”
Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister, 1934


“In the absence of any textual provision to the contrary, we assume self-defence can be an appropriate defence to an allegation of torture.”
Memo by Judge Jay Bybee, head of the Bush administration�s Office of Legal Counsel, US Department of Justice, 2002

“In the occupied territories, where occupation personnel were daily threatened by attempts on their lives, more severe methods of interrogation were permitted, if it was thought that in this manner the lives of German soldiers and officials might be protected against such threatened attempts.”
Dr Robert Servatius, defence counsel for accused Nazi war criminals at the Nuremburg trials, 1946


“And in this long run, we can be confident in the outcome of this struggle … because we have on our side the greatest force for freedom in the history of the world: the men and women of the United States Armed Forces.”
George W Bush, 2006

“Our enemies claim that the Fuhrer�s soldiers marched as conquerors through the lands of Europe � but wherever they came, they brought prosperity and happiness, peace, order, reliable conditions, a plenitude of work, and therefore a decent life.”
Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister, 1945

US versus Them

“But my most important job these days is to protect the homeland, is to protect America against nothing but a bunch of cold-blooded killers. Protect our country against people who hate us because of what we love. They hate us because we love freedom. They hate us because we love the idea that people can worship an almighty God any way they see fit. They hate us because we speak our mind, we allow public discourse and dissent. They hate us because we have a free press. And so long as we love freedom, they�ll hate us.”
George W Bush, 2002

“No one can doubt that the warmongering cliques in London and Paris want to stifle Germany, to destroy the German people. � They hate our people because it is decent, brave, industrious, hardworking, and intelligent. They hate our views, our social policies, and our accomplishments. They hate us as a Reich and as a community.”
Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister, 1939

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Oh happy days

November 8, 2006


Excellent congratulation comrade ortega! as chavez said “Latin America is leaving forever its role as the backyard of the North American empire. Yankee go home!”. 

This is a great victory for the people of South America who are leaving there role as a play thing of the Americans!. The Americans must respect the will of the people and leave its past of trying to overthrow leaders it did not like.

This is also good the democrats look like throwing out the republicans which is good.Also another side note to that victory is

Meanwhile, Democrat Keith Ellison has been elected as the nation’s first Muslim member of Congress, taking a House seat in Minnesota.

And in Massachusetts, Democrat Deval Patrick has taken the governorship. He becomes the first black governor of the state and only the second elected black governor of any state.

Excellent especially the climate of bigotry against muslims and black people in America.Also the faults of the system has reared there ugly head with glitches happening in dozen of precincts in two states.

how to be a youtube pirate yarrrr!

November 5, 2006

Okay links will be here for all the relevant stuff


conversion tool

vlc media player 

Its pretty easy find a video in youtube and copy and paste the videos URL for example  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAsWyRXjODI into the box and click download  then go to the keepvid link and then download it to your computer.Whilst you can used vlc media player to play it (link above) you might want to burn it onto CD or play it on your ipod video etc.Well then you will need to convert it. This is where the converter comes in (link above) download the program and install it. This is really easy,drag and drop into the program the appropriate file change the output format to the one you want there is no real need to fiddle around with settings it then click encode and wait.This will make the file several times bigger than downloaded but not that big.

There you go you have converted a file.

If you want to be *real* tricky and get a audio track from a video repeat the steps before but click the disable video button and select mp3 or whatever audio format and bitrate.No need for audacity and you have a mp3 file that sounds exactly like the video.

Best of all is that most sites like youtube you are able to do this.


Yours truly


Bad russian “nationalists”!

November 4, 2006

Sieg heil russia!

putin finally doing something

You get rid of BAD AND EVIL COMMUNIST HOLIDAY! and you get this…….

Nazis twats trying to somehow trying to claim russian heritage as there own,when like in Australia they fought against the nazis in WWII and the nazis consider what the russians nazis consider pure whites (slavs) as inferior.Not to mention there penchant for throwing black people in front of trains and beating up Armenians when they don’t give kids money and threatening those who fight against them.It is good that putin is finally doing something but its too late and the cynic in me is saying that to an extent he is exploiting the racism etc like the nazis are.

Being a nazi is about as russian as smirnoff vodka 

The message is clear


glasshouse gets axed

November 1, 2006

Nooooo when will this meddling from the howard government ever end?.You cant even make jokes about howard anymore WTF?.One of yours truly favorite shows and i cant believe that its being axed cos of some idelogical bullshit.It seems that media watch is returning in 2007 which is good if not surprising (please tell me that monica attard is going to be replace by some idelogical hack).

Stop meddling howard
sign the petition


dont conform to our balance and we cut your funding!

October 31, 2006

Liberal senator attack sbs

Bloody hell do they want all channels like channel 9?.Idiots i wouldent exactly call when sex goes wrong porn its more likely to put you off EVIL SEX than be naughty and promiscuous. I mean SBS broadcasting porn is institutional and how most people discover it 😀 . Also what is wrong with siding with david hicks, you will find most Australians do he has being in the can for five years without trial or charge, most people would call that an errosion of democracy and legal rights they call it national security.

Also the way they put things isnt biase most times its good journalism.Something of which liberals dont want because it will make them look bad. The scourge of making decisions about the news not reporting it has spread so far ABC and SBS have avoided it the liberals want to force it onto them so it makes them look good and put forward there point of view.

Calling SBS to account for letting people fundraise for the greens is hypocritical, when they have stacked the board of the other public broadcaster ABC with there mates in this zeal for balance which is really pushing there point of view otherwise its unbalanced.

Letting SBS broadcasting ads is wrong indeed,this is a public broadcaster and as such it shouldent have ads or commercial advertising at all.

Bible basher in every school!

October 30, 2006

Am program transcript about it
Parents groups agree with chaplain plan (and what they dont tell you about the group) 

Oh dear what is with howard and his crusade iam getting kinda of sick of this. I mean he stinges on school programs that might really work (he proposing to spend 90m on it whereas school programs get 22m) and jacks up HECS and making uni unaffordable.Instead of fixing that he goes on a crusade to have some bible basher in every school!.Give a fucking break we all know that you have never had to worry about education your daddy paid for it,90% of all liberal party members in parliament went to schools with names starting with grammar etc.

If you got problems you talk to a counselor at school they are train for that and are non-judgemental.Whereas most chaplains are not and may be judgemental and there has being cases of child abuse involving chaplains.So its a bad idea and of course johnny is trying to hide the real problems in education whilst blurring the lines between church and state.

Also that other article about the parents group is intellectually dishonest and did disclose whom they represent observe.


South Australia The Federation of Catholic School Parent Communities
Ann Bliss (Exec Officer)
Tel.(08) 8301 6685 (Bus)
Fax: (08) 8301 6656
email: fedadmin@ceo.adl.catholic.edu.au
homepage http://www.fedparents.adl.catholic.edu.au


Tasmanian Catholic Schools Parents and Friends Federation
Mr Brian Watson (Treasurer)
P.O. Box 429, LENAH VALLEY TAS 7008
Tel (03) 6233 2747
email: tcspff@d2.net.au
home page:http://tascathpf.d2.net.au

Of course the catholic church would benefit alot if this got through and im sure the other religious organizations that this parents group represents.So they have vested interest and im sure that Howard would want this kind of publicity of course without disclosing its religious nature of course.

 I personally think its a stunt and is another howard attempt to divide his opponents.Although the carrot of extra funding will be sadly tempting to poorly funded schools.

Keep religion a personal choice and out of schools!

Yours truly




October 30, 2006

how much is microsoft paying him/her?


This is the first criticism of the Mozilla Firefox 2.0 ive ever heard. For me this is the first Mozilla Firefox to EVER work properly on my computer.The old versions where so crap that i had to go back to *Mozilla* (yep the one that is 12mb) that is the only one that would work smoothly on my computer.The interface is good it has all the stuff that a good browser should.


All that matters that it works and does the job well with minimum fuss. The plugins are a non-issue i havent had a problem yet. Its a victim of its own success that it has to come up with something better.Also i do not think that IE7 is that good its too tied to microsoft content and locks out google unless you specify it,thats anti-competitive behavior and cheap excuse to push its search engine which is cluttered and substandard onto people especially those who are novice to internet.


Dont believe the bullshit Firefox 2.0 is good download here 




Hanzel und gretyl oktotenfest 2006….bring on the album

October 30, 2006

Track Listing:
01. Prost!
02. Stern Krieg
03. Fukken Über Death Party
04. Zum Wohl!

I cannot wait until the full album comes out.The CD they have released is awesome with two songs and two instrumental type things.Done with there usual sense of humor and references this EP is there hardest yet with the ending to stern krieg bone-crushingly good.

Fukken uber death party is funny and amusing with samples and guitars galore with loopy i assume going on vocals as he often does for 1 or 2 songs per album/ep. Stern Krieg as i mentioned is good with an awesome ending and vocals with vas kallas at her ear drum shattering best. The two instrumentals are pretty good with prost being a good intro to stern krieg and zum wohl just being weird .
They promised it would be there hardest album yet,so far i think they have resoundingly delivered without going over to death metal. This is only a taste and that is evil because i want more!.Bring on the album i cannot wait it promises to be fukken uber :D.