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wikipedia censorship:david hicks

April 4, 2007

Until recently there was a list of allegations of torture by david hicks on the wikipedia website.

Alleged Mistreatment

Professor of History Alfred W. McCoy writes[9] that:

* Initially held onboard USS Peleliu in the Arabian Sea, Hicks was “flown to a nearby land base for ten-hour torture sessions, shackled and blindfolded, which were marked by kicking, beatings with rifle butts, punching about the head and torso, death threats at gunpoint and anal penetration with objects ? all by Americans.”
* On July 9, 2003, Hicks was placed in a closet-sized, self-contained cell designed to deny its occupant all stimuli; this CIA sensory-deprivation torture technique continued for eight months (244 days). Hicks “experienced ‘extreme mood swings’ almost hourly” and began to consider suicide. By early 2004 American attorney Joshua Dratel, “found Hicks at the brink of despair […] obsessed with the minutiae of his surroundings, almost unable to comprehend the reality of his trial and the larger issues at stake.”
* August 5, 2004; an affidavit[24] by Hicks claims mistreatments. (The affidavit was made public on December 10, 2004.) The following are excerpts:
o Item 9. I have been in the company of other detainees who were beaten while blindfolded and handcuffed. At one point, a group of detainees, including myself, were subjected to being randomly hit over an eight hour session while handcuffed and blindfolded.
o Item 11. I have had my head rammed into asphalt several times (while blindfolded).
o Item 13. I have had medication – the identity of which was unknown to me, despite my requests for information – forced upon me against my will. I have been struck while under the influence of sedatives that were forced upon me by injection.
o Item 14. I have been forced to run in leg shackles that regularly ripped the skin off my ankles. Many other detainees experienced the same.
o Item 15. I have been deprived of sleep as a matter of policy.
o Item 16. I have witnessed the activities of the Internal Reaction Force (IRF), which consists of a squad of soldiers that enter a detainee’s cell and brutalize him with the aid of an attack dog. The IRF invasions were so common that the term to be “IRF’d” became part of the language of the detainees. I have seen detainees suffer serious injuries as a result of being IRF’ed. I have seen detainees IRF’ed while they were praying, or for refusing medication.
o Item 23. At one point during 2003 alone, my weight dropped by 30 pounds (and I was not overweight to start).
o Item27. As noted earlier, the above catalogue of abuse and mistreatment is not complete. It is but a summary of some of the abuse I suffered, witnessed, and/or heard about since my detention began. I would be able to provide further information and detail if the Court so desires, but a complete account would require a substantially longer document. In fact, at my request and due to the persistence of my lawyers, I have recently met with US military investigators conducting the probe into detainee abuse in Afghanistan. Also, this is not the first time I protested my mistreatment, since on several occasions – in Afghanistan, and later at Guantanamo Bay – I informed representatives of the International Red Cross of the abuse.
* In March 2006 the camp authorities moved all ten of the detainees who faced charges before the Guantanamo military commissions to solitary confinement. This move was described as a routine measure because of the detainee impending attendance at their tribunals. However The Jurist reported on August 23 2006 that Hicks remains in solitary, seven weeks following the US Supreme Court’s confirmation of a lower court’s ruling that the commissions were unconstitutional.[25]

According to The Jurist Hicks’ extended stay in solitary confinement has put his health at risk.
David Hicks’s cell and inset, the reading room with no books . The window is internal, facing onto a corridor.
David Hicks’s cell and inset, the reading room with no books [26]. The window is internal, facing onto a corridor[27].

Major Michael Mori described Hicks as one of the best-behaved detainees, and said his solitary confinement, for 23 hours a day, was unnecessary.[28]

Hicks’s father Terry Hicks has sought since 2002 to have his son brought to Australia for trial, but the Australian government has made no move to request the U.S. to release Hicks. Since 2003 the Australian government has been requesting that Hicks be brought to trial without further delay, and has extended him consular support.

According to Hicks in conversations with his father, he was abused by both Northern Alliance and U.S. soldiers. Nevertheless, the Australian Government has consistently accepted U.S. assurances that David Hicks and another Australian formerly held at Guantanamo Bay, Mamdouh Habib, have been treated in accordance with international law. This is in contrast to the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations’ report of July 28, 2006, which criticizes the United States for its human rights policies and positions. According to the Center for Constitutional Rights: “The United States has become a country that openly flouts human rights laws, refuses to respond to questions about policy and practice, and worst of all commits abuses that would have been unimaginable under prior administrations.” [29]

U.S. military authorities are investigating the claims in the August 5, 2004 affidavit declaring that he had been tortured.

In June 2006, Moazzam Begg, a British man who had also been held at Guantanamo Bay but was released in 2005, claimed in his book Enemy Combatant: A British Muslim’s Journey to Guantanamo and Back that Hicks had abandoned his Islamic beliefs, and had been denounced by a fellow inmate, Uthman al-Harbi, for his lack of observance.[30] Begg also recounts Hicks talking about suicidal impulses during his periods in isolation at Camp Echo, “He often talked about wanting to smash his head ? against the metal of his cage and just end it all,”

This was removed after David Hicks in a plea bargain denied ever being mistreated in guantanamo bay.I think this is wrong and should be able to be read by all regardless of the situation.


well ill be damned..

February 28, 2007

Media Watch is back! after the Kristallnacht of the ABC,i thought that would be a victim of it.But you can see the dark hand of it though when you see a cronie from the sydney morning herald on camera giving his side of the story.

Other than that it has remained with all the usual ownage of the media with news limited ch9 copping proper serves as usual.Also with Monica Attard at the helm it is better than ever.I must one day listen to her radio program on ABC local Radio.

Iam pleased that its back on,now to wind up Andrew Bolt to make things interesting noone throws a hissy fit like he does.


January 6, 2007

Im going to invoke this little fella.

Iam very pissed off.

Our sports teams are generally sucking ATM

Redbacks are sucking so bad its defies time and space.There best hope is that they dont collect the woodenspoon in one of the forms of the game.

Adelaide United are sucking with getting beaten drawing/losing against teams that they should beat easily.Which means that if we dont beat sydney next week a team which has being going pretty good in our absence of form,we will most likely be playing the 3/4th playoff and a long shot miss the whole thing.

Our best team in the 36ers are the moment.Which defies belief they have won 5 out of 7 matches.Might actually make the playoffs if they are consistent for the rest of the season. They seem to pull out great results out of there rectum every few rounds but are the best atm.

C’mon your not just a bunch of paid professional doing you job,your representing the people and the state of south australia on the national stage not to mention you club.We deserve better than this.GO REDBACKS GO SIXERS AND GO YOU REDS!.

Everyone get out there and support them.

mr bush where was your “democratic revolution” here?

December 22, 2006

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Turkmenistan’s ‘iron ruler’ dies

Another dictator has died and that is a good thing, but what will happen next i wonder?.There is no opposition in Turkmenistan.There might be a democratization from within im not sure.

I believe that once this guy has left there will either be a democratization from within since they no longer have him around,a person of whom will come along and try to run behind the facade of his personality cult.

I doubt there will be an revolution there because there is little organized opposition.It would be a great thing but i doubt it.

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Enough with the bloody stingrays!

November 29, 2006

Stingray stabs fisherman in chest off SA. 29/11/2006. ABC News Online

Its funny since Steve Irwin died of it,its being all over the place,every time some poor sod gets barbed he gets his 15 minutes of fame.

I mean stop doing this so you can fill those left over spots with stories its crap and getting old. As foreign as it sounds do some real journalism.

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Howard is at it again

November 29, 2006

NT radioactive dump Bill passes Lower House. 29/11/2006. ABC News Online

Howard is succeeding on two fronts with this bill,attack aboriginal land rights and pushing this nuclear waste dump, riding roughshod over the NT government opposition to this.

We do not need a large scale nuclear dump in Australia. This is an ideological push for nuclear power.Give Howard an inch and he will take an mile with this.

We must stand united against nuclear “technology”.

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Bugger off howard! see you at the rally!

November 28, 2006

PM condemns Victorian teachers over rally plans. 28/11/2006. ABC News Online

*sighs* They have the right to strike and protest if they see fit.Howard with these laws is undermining that.I for one will be there on the 30th and i implore you to do the same.

Your the one undermining public education at all levels,with cutting of funding at all levels in favour of private schooling,which is unaffordable for most Australians.

for more info on the protest

Yours truly

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Harper’s symbolism

November 28, 2006

Canadian Parliament recognises Quebec as a nation. 28/11/2006. ABC News Online

Interesting i do not know what to think about this,i think this might be just a political stunt to steal the bloc’s thunder.I think this is little more than symbolism in reality,although that said there could be lightning rod for more concession demands from the separatists.

There has being two referendum’s if another one is defeated i believe it should be laid to rest and to be apart of Canada.

I broadly support an united Canada because this could let the Americans in for more influence,for them to play each other off.

Yours truly

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test one

November 28, 2006

Just testing performancing it works yay!

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Borat review

November 27, 2006

This was a good experience,i took a friend and it was $6 (all the time) to get in.What other place can you watch a movie for two people for less than $20 with decent change. Its called the odeon star and its at semaphore in Adelaide,no its not a stinky shithole quite comfortable as cinemas go.

Anyhoo you all the know the story line and the controversy.This has to be one of the most funny films ive ever seen,along with one of the most disturbing.With gross out scenes and classic reactions from people galore its a great movie.

The humour is very rough and isnt for young kids or wowsers (stay home fuckers). This isnt a movie you watch for the plot or the story you watch it for a good belly laugh and to be utterly grossed out (take a non-Ali G fan or one who hasnt being exposed to the hype surrouding it and the reaction is priceless).

My mate almost pissed himself laughing and i was pretty close to it myself.

That is a hallmark of a good comedy,needless to say it will be snub by the culture gestapo at the oscars, for some soppy movie but it deserves it. (all the good movies ie ones that entertain and you can relax to do get snubbed)

Oh at the end of the movie stand for the national anthem of kazakhstan. 😀

5 out of 5 bravo borat HI FIVE!