Im going to invoke this little fella.

Iam very pissed off.

Our sports teams are generally sucking ATM

Redbacks are sucking so bad its defies time and space.There best hope is that they dont collect the woodenspoon in one of the forms of the game.

Adelaide United are sucking with getting beaten drawing/losing against teams that they should beat easily.Which means that if we dont beat sydney next week a team which has being going pretty good in our absence of form,we will most likely be playing the 3/4th playoff and a long shot miss the whole thing.

Our best team in the 36ers are the moment.Which defies belief they have won 5 out of 7 matches.Might actually make the playoffs if they are consistent for the rest of the season. They seem to pull out great results out of there rectum every few rounds but are the best atm.

C’mon your not just a bunch of paid professional doing you job,your representing the people and the state of south australia on the national stage not to mention you club.We deserve better than this.GO REDBACKS GO SIXERS AND GO YOU REDS!.

Everyone get out there and support them.


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