Borat review

This was a good experience,i took a friend and it was $6 (all the time) to get in.What other place can you watch a movie for two people for less than $20 with decent change. Its called the odeon star and its at semaphore in Adelaide,no its not a stinky shithole quite comfortable as cinemas go.

Anyhoo you all the know the story line and the controversy.This has to be one of the most funny films ive ever seen,along with one of the most disturbing.With gross out scenes and classic reactions from people galore its a great movie.

The humour is very rough and isnt for young kids or wowsers (stay home fuckers). This isnt a movie you watch for the plot or the story you watch it for a good belly laugh and to be utterly grossed out (take a non-Ali G fan or one who hasnt being exposed to the hype surrouding it and the reaction is priceless).

My mate almost pissed himself laughing and i was pretty close to it myself.

That is a hallmark of a good comedy,needless to say it will be snub by the culture gestapo at the oscars, for some soppy movie but it deserves it. (all the good movies ie ones that entertain and you can relax to do get snubbed)

Oh at the end of the movie stand for the national anthem of kazakhstan. 😀

5 out of 5 bravo borat HI FIVE!


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