Oh happy days


Excellent congratulation comrade ortega! as chavez said “Latin America is leaving forever its role as the backyard of the North American empire. Yankee go home!”. 

This is a great victory for the people of South America who are leaving there role as a play thing of the Americans!. The Americans must respect the will of the people and leave its past of trying to overthrow leaders it did not like.

This is also good the democrats look like throwing out the republicans which is good.Also another side note to that victory is

Meanwhile, Democrat Keith Ellison has been elected as the nation’s first Muslim member of Congress, taking a House seat in Minnesota.

And in Massachusetts, Democrat Deval Patrick has taken the governorship. He becomes the first black governor of the state and only the second elected black governor of any state.

Excellent especially the climate of bigotry against muslims and black people in America.Also the faults of the system has reared there ugly head with glitches happening in dozen of precincts in two states.


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