how to be a youtube pirate yarrrr!

Okay links will be here for all the relevant stuff


conversion tool

vlc media player 

Its pretty easy find a video in youtube and copy and paste the videos URL for example into the box and click download  then go to the keepvid link and then download it to your computer.Whilst you can used vlc media player to play it (link above) you might want to burn it onto CD or play it on your ipod video etc.Well then you will need to convert it. This is where the converter comes in (link above) download the program and install it. This is really easy,drag and drop into the program the appropriate file change the output format to the one you want there is no real need to fiddle around with settings it then click encode and wait.This will make the file several times bigger than downloaded but not that big.

There you go you have converted a file.

If you want to be *real* tricky and get a audio track from a video repeat the steps before but click the disable video button and select mp3 or whatever audio format and bitrate.No need for audacity and you have a mp3 file that sounds exactly like the video.

Best of all is that most sites like youtube you are able to do this.


Yours truly



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