Bad russian “nationalists”!

Sieg heil russia!

putin finally doing something

You get rid of BAD AND EVIL COMMUNIST HOLIDAY! and you get this…….

Nazis twats trying to somehow trying to claim russian heritage as there own,when like in Australia they fought against the nazis in WWII and the nazis consider what the russians nazis consider pure whites (slavs) as inferior.Not to mention there penchant for throwing black people in front of trains and beating up Armenians when they don’t give kids money and threatening those who fight against them.It is good that putin is finally doing something but its too late and the cynic in me is saying that to an extent he is exploiting the racism etc like the nazis are.

Being a nazi is about as russian as smirnoff vodka 

The message is clear



One Response to “Bad russian “nationalists”!”

  1. Fuck You Says:

    Fuck you.

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