dont conform to our balance and we cut your funding!

Liberal senator attack sbs

Bloody hell do they want all channels like channel 9?.Idiots i wouldent exactly call when sex goes wrong porn its more likely to put you off EVIL SEX than be naughty and promiscuous. I mean SBS broadcasting porn is institutional and how most people discover it 😀 . Also what is wrong with siding with david hicks, you will find most Australians do he has being in the can for five years without trial or charge, most people would call that an errosion of democracy and legal rights they call it national security.

Also the way they put things isnt biase most times its good journalism.Something of which liberals dont want because it will make them look bad. The scourge of making decisions about the news not reporting it has spread so far ABC and SBS have avoided it the liberals want to force it onto them so it makes them look good and put forward there point of view.

Calling SBS to account for letting people fundraise for the greens is hypocritical, when they have stacked the board of the other public broadcaster ABC with there mates in this zeal for balance which is really pushing there point of view otherwise its unbalanced.

Letting SBS broadcasting ads is wrong indeed,this is a public broadcaster and as such it shouldent have ads or commercial advertising at all.


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