Hanzel und gretyl oktotenfest 2006….bring on the album

Track Listing:
01. Prost!
02. Stern Krieg
03. Fukken Über Death Party
04. Zum Wohl!

I cannot wait until the full album comes out.The CD they have released is awesome with two songs and two instrumental type things.Done with there usual sense of humor and references this EP is there hardest yet with the ending to stern krieg bone-crushingly good.

Fukken uber death party is funny and amusing with samples and guitars galore with loopy i assume going on vocals as he often does for 1 or 2 songs per album/ep. Stern Krieg as i mentioned is good with an awesome ending and vocals with vas kallas at her ear drum shattering best. The two instrumentals are pretty good with prost being a good intro to stern krieg and zum wohl just being weird .
They promised it would be there hardest album yet,so far i think they have resoundingly delivered without going over to death metal. This is only a taste and that is evil because i want more!.Bring on the album i cannot wait it promises to be fukken uber :D.


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