how much is microsoft paying him/her?


This is the first criticism of the Mozilla Firefox 2.0 ive ever heard. For me this is the first Mozilla Firefox to EVER work properly on my computer.The old versions where so crap that i had to go back to *Mozilla* (yep the one that is 12mb) that is the only one that would work smoothly on my computer.The interface is good it has all the stuff that a good browser should.


All that matters that it works and does the job well with minimum fuss. The plugins are a non-issue i havent had a problem yet. Its a victim of its own success that it has to come up with something better.Also i do not think that IE7 is that good its too tied to microsoft content and locks out google unless you specify it,thats anti-competitive behavior and cheap excuse to push its search engine which is cluttered and substandard onto people especially those who are novice to internet.


Dont believe the bullshit Firefox 2.0 is good download here 





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