Bible basher in every school!

Am program transcript about it
Parents groups agree with chaplain plan (and what they dont tell you about the group) 

Oh dear what is with howard and his crusade iam getting kinda of sick of this. I mean he stinges on school programs that might really work (he proposing to spend 90m on it whereas school programs get 22m) and jacks up HECS and making uni unaffordable.Instead of fixing that he goes on a crusade to have some bible basher in every school!.Give a fucking break we all know that you have never had to worry about education your daddy paid for it,90% of all liberal party members in parliament went to schools with names starting with grammar etc.

If you got problems you talk to a counselor at school they are train for that and are non-judgemental.Whereas most chaplains are not and may be judgemental and there has being cases of child abuse involving chaplains.So its a bad idea and of course johnny is trying to hide the real problems in education whilst blurring the lines between church and state.

Also that other article about the parents group is intellectually dishonest and did disclose whom they represent observe.


South Australia The Federation of Catholic School Parent Communities
Ann Bliss (Exec Officer)
Tel.(08) 8301 6685 (Bus)
Fax: (08) 8301 6656


Tasmanian Catholic Schools Parents and Friends Federation
Mr Brian Watson (Treasurer)
P.O. Box 429, LENAH VALLEY TAS 7008
Tel (03) 6233 2747
home page:

Of course the catholic church would benefit alot if this got through and im sure the other religious organizations that this parents group represents.So they have vested interest and im sure that Howard would want this kind of publicity of course without disclosing its religious nature of course.

 I personally think its a stunt and is another howard attempt to divide his opponents.Although the carrot of extra funding will be sadly tempting to poorly funded schools.

Keep religion a personal choice and out of schools!

Yours truly




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