what arseholes


Goddammit i hate howard he has a penchant persecuting minorities centrestink recipients is not exception.We are being judged by people who have never received or applied for one and dont need to they just go to there daddy and viola!.Anyhoo i think this idea of a taking any job no matter how shit or the fact it may pay less than welfare does is crap,this is pure politics and attempt to get people off there books.

Also because they cant go after us DSP’ers because well we CANT FUCKING WORK they employ private investigators to spy on people and make sure that we suddenly through raelian technology arent disabled or bogans with good acting skills. I mean i get 270 bucks a fortnight which puts me under the poverty line and i get all this shit.Out of all that i get bugger all money for doing things other than paying board,internet etc. If  they want to persecute us and send around private investigators to spy on us,i suggest that they pay us more so you don’t spend more taxpayers money picking on us than paying us.

As someone put it I wish the Government kept as close an eye on AWB as they do on the unemployed. Another comment ive heard is that: I just thank whatever deity that these people will not be in long enough to get their policies fully implemented.

Fuck off howard

Yours truly



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