“media reforms”=crap

Hmm i want to slap that random backbencher from the liberals who was ranting on about new media, when his party has done everything to hold it back so not to offend big media.Also that we have being subsidising america and canada’s “new media” because we have had spineless pricks as a communications ministers.

Anyone with half a brain knows that this is bullshit.Its a bad excuse for big media to have an buying orgy the sharks are already circling (geez you making your bitch look bad guys!). Because most people dont use “new media” or cant because of lack of infrastructure or it being out of the reach of them financially. Most people watch tv read newspapers and listen to radio.We are going to have one newspaper company and one radio conglomerate and one tv conglomerate or all in one.That means a lack of voices and lack of diversity.

The 4 or 5 voices test is BULLSHIT a way of placating the spineless (except barnaby joyce) nationals, because a music station like say um my local poppy station magic FM is counted, now it has no local content despite being based here and has a syndicated news service under the southern cross radio banner.So the government might say that there is 4 or 5 voices when in reality there is one or two or none. A real system would be based on a test of local content but that would get the media barons hot under the collar.

If you want a good example of what happens when media deregulation happens you just have to look at canada, there is one major commercial media group and there is CBC and thats it.  There is plenty of other examples around the world of it.Deregulation never means demonopolisation and it never will, because the current big players have all the money to shut out new players and new media or buy up the new media.


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