what is it the 50’s theme night at the liberal party?

50’s theme night at the liberal party


Idiots the right wingers have discovered the intaweb, this story isnt new at all its a beatup pure and simple. The congress stated was in 2005.The meeting with gilda chacon was a several months ago and wasnt exclusively sponsored by the CFMEU but a fairly broad group of people.

Communist apologists i swear to god if i hear that word again i will hit someone. But yes trying to score some cheap shots on the CFMEU etc, whilst looking like a fruit loop that has spent the last 50 years in a bunker is going to get you far!.

Lets start cold war the commies will win this time bring it right wing fuckers!. >:D


2 Responses to “what is it the 50’s theme night at the liberal party?”

  1. weez Says:

    Sell me, adam. Why do I want a communist government when everyone from Stalin to Pol Pot seem to have made a dog’s brekkie of it?

  2. adam Says:

    Pol Pot and Stalin are bad examples pol pots party from about day one was little more than a cult.Stalin well we dont want to go there.Communism is more than a government its an whole economic system all encompassing like capitalism.Having an government with those ideals is just one step. If you want a better world with peace and equality with no exploitation of you and i by the few etc etc,i believe that communism is the way to go.

    No doubt we have to prove ourselves to people like you, who are voters we strongly believe socialism achieved by peaceful means.We have learnt from the mistakes of the past and are alot wiser for it. I truly believe that it wasnt so much a dog brekkie as you put it, but the personality and leadership of the party and of also the party collective not being able to hold the leaders to account for mistakes etc.

    Yours truly

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