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dont conform to our balance and we cut your funding!

October 31, 2006

Liberal senator attack sbs

Bloody hell do they want all channels like channel 9?.Idiots i wouldent exactly call when sex goes wrong porn its more likely to put you off EVIL SEX than be naughty and promiscuous. I mean SBS broadcasting porn is institutional and how most people discover it 😀 . Also what is wrong with siding with david hicks, you will find most Australians do he has being in the can for five years without trial or charge, most people would call that an errosion of democracy and legal rights they call it national security.

Also the way they put things isnt biase most times its good journalism.Something of which liberals dont want because it will make them look bad. The scourge of making decisions about the news not reporting it has spread so far ABC and SBS have avoided it the liberals want to force it onto them so it makes them look good and put forward there point of view.

Calling SBS to account for letting people fundraise for the greens is hypocritical, when they have stacked the board of the other public broadcaster ABC with there mates in this zeal for balance which is really pushing there point of view otherwise its unbalanced.

Letting SBS broadcasting ads is wrong indeed,this is a public broadcaster and as such it shouldent have ads or commercial advertising at all.


Bible basher in every school!

October 30, 2006

Am program transcript about it
Parents groups agree with chaplain plan (and what they dont tell you about the group) 

Oh dear what is with howard and his crusade iam getting kinda of sick of this. I mean he stinges on school programs that might really work (he proposing to spend 90m on it whereas school programs get 22m) and jacks up HECS and making uni unaffordable.Instead of fixing that he goes on a crusade to have some bible basher in every school!.Give a fucking break we all know that you have never had to worry about education your daddy paid for it,90% of all liberal party members in parliament went to schools with names starting with grammar etc.

If you got problems you talk to a counselor at school they are train for that and are non-judgemental.Whereas most chaplains are not and may be judgemental and there has being cases of child abuse involving chaplains.So its a bad idea and of course johnny is trying to hide the real problems in education whilst blurring the lines between church and state.

Also that other article about the parents group is intellectually dishonest and did disclose whom they represent observe.


South Australia The Federation of Catholic School Parent Communities
Ann Bliss (Exec Officer)
Tel.(08) 8301 6685 (Bus)
Fax: (08) 8301 6656


Tasmanian Catholic Schools Parents and Friends Federation
Mr Brian Watson (Treasurer)
P.O. Box 429, LENAH VALLEY TAS 7008
Tel (03) 6233 2747
home page:

Of course the catholic church would benefit alot if this got through and im sure the other religious organizations that this parents group represents.So they have vested interest and im sure that Howard would want this kind of publicity of course without disclosing its religious nature of course.

 I personally think its a stunt and is another howard attempt to divide his opponents.Although the carrot of extra funding will be sadly tempting to poorly funded schools.

Keep religion a personal choice and out of schools!

Yours truly




October 30, 2006

how much is microsoft paying him/her?


This is the first criticism of the Mozilla Firefox 2.0 ive ever heard. For me this is the first Mozilla Firefox to EVER work properly on my computer.The old versions where so crap that i had to go back to *Mozilla* (yep the one that is 12mb) that is the only one that would work smoothly on my computer.The interface is good it has all the stuff that a good browser should.


All that matters that it works and does the job well with minimum fuss. The plugins are a non-issue i havent had a problem yet. Its a victim of its own success that it has to come up with something better.Also i do not think that IE7 is that good its too tied to microsoft content and locks out google unless you specify it,thats anti-competitive behavior and cheap excuse to push its search engine which is cluttered and substandard onto people especially those who are novice to internet.


Dont believe the bullshit Firefox 2.0 is good download here 




Hanzel und gretyl oktotenfest 2006….bring on the album

October 30, 2006

Track Listing:
01. Prost!
02. Stern Krieg
03. Fukken Über Death Party
04. Zum Wohl!

I cannot wait until the full album comes out.The CD they have released is awesome with two songs and two instrumental type things.Done with there usual sense of humor and references this EP is there hardest yet with the ending to stern krieg bone-crushingly good.

Fukken uber death party is funny and amusing with samples and guitars galore with loopy i assume going on vocals as he often does for 1 or 2 songs per album/ep. Stern Krieg as i mentioned is good with an awesome ending and vocals with vas kallas at her ear drum shattering best. The two instrumentals are pretty good with prost being a good intro to stern krieg and zum wohl just being weird .
They promised it would be there hardest album yet,so far i think they have resoundingly delivered without going over to death metal. This is only a taste and that is evil because i want more!.Bring on the album i cannot wait it promises to be fukken uber :D.

WA going toward daylight saving.

October 28, 2006

I dont oppose the idea of daylight saving to be honest its a much of a muchness.I do oppose the way the WA government and some liberals and other types are going about it.There has being three referendums and all said no so it should be left like that to respect the wishes of the WA people.  Having a 4th referendum would be a waste of taxpayers money completely.

I personally think this isnt a big issue, but all the same i dont think that the WA people should be trampled on just because a vocal minority want it.So until there is a referendum there should be NO daylight saving in WA.Alternatively drop it and let WA have its anomaly.
Daylight saving=okay  the way there trying to bring it in in WA=bad

Yours truly


what arseholes

October 26, 2006

Goddammit i hate howard he has a penchant persecuting minorities centrestink recipients is not exception.We are being judged by people who have never received or applied for one and dont need to they just go to there daddy and viola!.Anyhoo i think this idea of a taking any job no matter how shit or the fact it may pay less than welfare does is crap,this is pure politics and attempt to get people off there books.

Also because they cant go after us DSP’ers because well we CANT FUCKING WORK they employ private investigators to spy on people and make sure that we suddenly through raelian technology arent disabled or bogans with good acting skills. I mean i get 270 bucks a fortnight which puts me under the poverty line and i get all this shit.Out of all that i get bugger all money for doing things other than paying board,internet etc. If  they want to persecute us and send around private investigators to spy on us,i suggest that they pay us more so you don’t spend more taxpayers money picking on us than paying us.

As someone put it I wish the Government kept as close an eye on AWB as they do on the unemployed. Another comment ive heard is that: I just thank whatever deity that these people will not be in long enough to get their policies fully implemented.

Fuck off howard

Yours truly


“media reforms”=crap

October 24, 2006

Hmm i want to slap that random backbencher from the liberals who was ranting on about new media, when his party has done everything to hold it back so not to offend big media.Also that we have being subsidising america and canada’s “new media” because we have had spineless pricks as a communications ministers.

Anyone with half a brain knows that this is bullshit.Its a bad excuse for big media to have an buying orgy the sharks are already circling (geez you making your bitch look bad guys!). Because most people dont use “new media” or cant because of lack of infrastructure or it being out of the reach of them financially. Most people watch tv read newspapers and listen to radio.We are going to have one newspaper company and one radio conglomerate and one tv conglomerate or all in one.That means a lack of voices and lack of diversity.

The 4 or 5 voices test is BULLSHIT a way of placating the spineless (except barnaby joyce) nationals, because a music station like say um my local poppy station magic FM is counted, now it has no local content despite being based here and has a syndicated news service under the southern cross radio banner.So the government might say that there is 4 or 5 voices when in reality there is one or two or none. A real system would be based on a test of local content but that would get the media barons hot under the collar.

If you want a good example of what happens when media deregulation happens you just have to look at canada, there is one major commercial media group and there is CBC and thats it.  There is plenty of other examples around the world of it.Deregulation never means demonopolisation and it never will, because the current big players have all the money to shut out new players and new media or buy up the new media.

the attack of the fruitcakes

October 16, 2006


Oh dear CEC are trying to get things going here again.I found the above link in newspaper form in the letter box read it if you want a laugh.All hail larouche we need desalination and to break the bank oligarchy and form a national bank. >:D

Anyhoo if you see any of there crap put in the bin unless you want a laugh.Last time they had a candidate here was some farm hand from lock who has breathed in too much farm  pesticides and had too much time on his hands (gotta watch those larouche webcasts!) paul siebert, i think and in some booths he got no votes and ended up with about 500 votes.

Read the paper and have a laugh and put CEC BOTTOM of your ballot.

Yours truly


what is it the 50’s theme night at the liberal party?

October 12, 2006

50’s theme night at the liberal party


Idiots the right wingers have discovered the intaweb, this story isnt new at all its a beatup pure and simple. The congress stated was in 2005.The meeting with gilda chacon was a several months ago and wasnt exclusively sponsored by the CFMEU but a fairly broad group of people.

Communist apologists i swear to god if i hear that word again i will hit someone. But yes trying to score some cheap shots on the CFMEU etc, whilst looking like a fruit loop that has spent the last 50 years in a bunker is going to get you far!.

Lets start cold war the commies will win this time bring it right wing fuckers!. >:D

that evil bunch of pixels!

October 10, 2006

Goddamn i should really hate this show-david tench but i dont i love it. God this show makes me laugh.I was at my grandma house with no internet connection or anything, all there was is tv (no SBS aargh!) so i was sitting there and it was like

Me:david tench show?  *groans*

I kept on watching and havent laughed that loud for along time the interview with meatloaf cracked me up. Before i watched it i would look at the guests it would get on and groan loudly, but now watching i realised that they spend the whole time paying out the guest and making fun of him/her(especially the more lame/washed up ones).

Im watching it its a fixture that and the ronnie johns half hours. 🙂

earl at 8:00pm tench at 9:30pm ronnie johns at 10:00pm family guy hour at 10:30Pm

makes thursday night a good night on television