The tome of the american patriot

Gather around children whilst i tell you a story.

There is a person called an american patriot who blindly follows whatever the american government is doing and supported it throughly.

There was years of oppression in the middle east and theft of oil and america’s support of tyrants in the middle east until they went against them or did something they didnt like.

There was trouble afoot there was these people called muslim extremists,because there was no democracy or civil political discourse so these people gained support and grew alot. These people had big and dangerous plans but were largely ignored or oppressed.

Alas the american patriot kept driving his oil guzzling SUV (its a 4WD fuckers) and ignored what was going on or supported it.


All the things that the american government did,the american patriot supported or ignored came to bite them back in the arse.

The people suffered greatly and so did the american patriot.There was mass confusion and many questions asked like.

American Patriot:  “why did they attack us?! *confused*”
American Patriot: “they are attacking freedom and democracy! that’s it! they’re jealous of us!”
American Patriot:”let’s show them what freedom and democracy can do by first making sure our people have none, then going and killing all of them so they can’t point out the irony!”
So they switched on the fox news and said LET’S GET THE DIFFERENT-LOOKING KINDA EVIL FOREIGN PEOPLE!.

Since 9-11 no funny looking arab has fired off so much as a firecracker  but they strongly supported the patriot act as important for “national security”.

So they voted republican and help rig elections (volunteer work is fun!)  and put up flags everywhere.

As i tell this story children i will be called unpatriotic (im Australian FTW) but i would rather be an unpatriotic commie than a dumbarse that get walked all over by there government.

This story hasnt finished children more for another day, but i hope this is not the neverending story.


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