Australian Values

Howard if you havent noticed annoys the crap out of me.He and his fuckbuddies rant on about Australian Values,when he doesnt follow them.

bribery…hmm yes that is so legal so upholding the law!
locking out people who dont register before HE (he is totally opposed to fixed terms of course) calls an election….oh yes democracy in action!

demonising muslims….so tolerant that we should all crack out the flowers put them in our hair and hold hands!
Secularism……getting comfy with the christian lobby (Costello said a speech about muslims (surprise surprise) adopt secularism at a christian lobby meeting) and family first and CDP and branches of his OWN party being hijacked by the christian right right under his nose and im not even fucking going to start on the young liberals.

Even in old johnny’s seat that is so welcoming to other faiths. Hey your government is in bed and being taken over by religious fruitcakes!.

Now if you are going to rant about Australian values, practice what you preach and stop being a fucking hypocrite to score political points.


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