Nine’s weird world of sport

The winter sports are coming to the end, those who are lucky enough to have there teams still going in the finals are on a high.Those whose teams have being knocked out are licking there wounds,people like me whose teams booked a nice holiday to tahiti starting from week 1 of the finals are backing a team in the finals and hoping there mob will get better next year.

Its going to be weird the grand finals there is an 50% percent chance that there is going to be no NSW NRL teams in the grand final.That there is going to be a stadium full of NSW people trying to figure out who they are going to go for and a sprinkling of diehard fans that sell there house to get a flight and a grand final ticket.I think this is the first time for awhile that a non-nsw team will win it.

As for the AFL there is going to be no victorian teams in the grand final for the 3rd year in a row,probably for the first time in history no team where in the top 4. Its being 6 years since a premiership has stayed in victoria.

I think i can speak for ALL fans outside victoria for AFL and outside NSW in the NRL, that its about time and you should suck it up. we had to suffer years of our teams doing absolute crap and being laughing stock of our respective leagues.With hard work and patience we have build up our teams to win premierships and whatnot.

Now we have collingwood in the AFL blaming salary caps and other victorian clubs demanding subsidies so they can win and blaming everyone else other than themselves for the lack of victory.

We had none of this at all hell we have had restrictions for along time to keep ostensibly victorian teams on top its failed.The AFL have removed these barriers after they have failed and we still have won premierships.The victorian teams need to head down bum up and stop whinging,they might win and break our streak.If this continues in NRL it will be interesting to see what the NSW clubs will say.

Well we still have v8 supercars to finish and not to mention the upcoming grandfinals. Another year is almost done now onto soccer YAY epl and a-league are in full swing and should be good.Not to mention the cricket is on soon.

There is a downside to this Friday and Saturday night tv will suck or as my friend cale said “its like a shitfest movie marathon”.

Oh well counting down till the next footy season,oh btw GO THE STORM lets show the dragons gasnier or no gasnier how to play rugby.

Yours truly



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