Queensland Election Report

YAY the Coalition lost and the ABC computer saying that 61 seats have being won by labor.The night was pretty uninteresting with the result all but assured.The main interesting (and funny)bits of the coverage on newsradio was a cartoonist from the curious snail and this bloke called the jack the insider. Also Elisa Roberts comments was classic

Ms Roberts says she is planning a book about her time in Parliament.

“The book is going to make The Latham Diaries look like Play School,” she said.

Also out of all of the speeches the worst was the one from bruce flegg and the best i would have to say from Peter beattie.Its seems that the greens did well although due to the bicameral system it didnt make much of a impact.

Also haha to family first with 1.7%, i think there attempts at a state level are pathetic with the exception of SA.

Yours truly



6 Responses to “Queensland Election Report”

  1. The votes are in - Fourth term for QLD Labor « Interlogue Says:

    […] The ABC election computer, as with most state campaigns, was excessively referred to in ABC coverage, a fact not lost on the South Australian blogger behind Adam’s Diary, providing a fitting and amusing graphic to wrap up this bizarre 26-day campaign. […]

  2. William Bowe Says:

    Family First only ran in 26 seats, so their average vote was just below 6 per cent.

  3. adam diary Says:

    The fact that they could only muster that, pretty much puts pay to the idea that there a national party.

  4. interlogue Says:

    To be fair, they only had a few days to find candidates, as Mr Beattie’s declaration of the poll date was rather early.

  5. Kevin Says:

    Shows you get the politicians you deserve. Can Beattie really fix health and water?

  6. adam214 Says:

    I wouldent be so sure of that kevin, especially with the two party system around.Yes i think that kinda pull the rug from under family first there interlogue, but i hate them and the less success they get the better.

    I dont think that the fact they averaged 6.6% in the seats that they runned in means all that much.One nation probably average in the seats they ran in much more than its total but there total is there total and thats what counts.

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