WTF has happened to lateline interviews?

Iam rather annoyed about this they have axed interviews at the end of lateline.Maybe the hand of the new stacked board had there little grubby hands in it?.Ive got two theories……….

1. Lateline is outrated by sunrise (an example of how poorly it rates sadly) (morning program fluffier than a 5-star hotel towels) and the business program they though would bolster ratings so they made it go longer by axing it.Although ratings have never come into it since the shiertollah left.

2. It was and always has being controversial and the board wanted to drop it and was looking for an excuse,especially when people like robert fisk and john pilger get a run on there.

I might fire off an email and see what they have got to say for themselves. (keep you posted)
Yours truly



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