Piers Akerman our favorite right wing attack pooch

From trying to nick a speakerphone from a protester (and ranting about it on national telly making a total dick of himself) to ranting about the ABC.Welcome to the world of Piers Akerman our loveable right wing attack pooch.Despite the fact that he regulary appears on insiders (as does many critical of ABC columnists) he still rants about ABC and calling it such lovely names as the Al-jazeera of the pacific etc (if you pull that shit on say channel 9 bye bye job).

But the only problem is that his rants come unstuck alot of the time with a bit of sniffing around. That is where the troublemakers media watch come in with there lovely ownage of him.

I think if you read it the arguments speak for themselves.I think let the boys and girls at media watch have the last word that explains it.

“All The Daily Telegraph’s Piers Akerman has to do is switch his TV to your ABC and he’s bound to find something to write about.”

Yours truly



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