Im not xenophobic honest! i just use it for my own political ends!,20867,20322022-601,00.html

Oh jesus he is at it again, this is bollocks i mean shit muslims arent the only group (or minority of that group) that refuse to intergrate.He is targeting them why?.Hmm maybe because many of them (actually most of them) are labor voters, so it wont hurt his base (although there is a famous example of lib muslim Irfan Yusuf).The fact he is a xenophobe and him and his little henchmen are whipping up xenophobia so to get support for there “war on terror” (war on people of different skin colour and religion more like) so they can avoid any controversy when introducing new laws which will subvert people civil liberties.Not to mention the media is not helping.

As John hewson said he is “old school” so he has attitudes on race etc from the 50’s which is disturbing.This is having a terrible effect with all the harrasment of muslims that are happening.

This call is not to be inclusive but to foster amongst non-muslims of a us against them mentality,to divide the community.We must fight this and fight the howard government and aim for true integration of all peoples of Australia.

Yours truly





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