Tough post peoples

Hello all after sandra kanck brave brave speech i had a problem on whether to comment or post the speech on my blog.So here goes nothing.

The speech is here

Now people i do not advocate this and if you are thinking about it please do not read this and GET HELP one place where its anonymous and free is lifeline 13 11 14.

This is (like sandra did) an act of civil disobedience against these stupid laws,not condoning suicide or anything.Kudos to her and kudos to dr philip nitschke they are both great people. I believe this information should be disseminated with a degree of social responsibility and to be balanced with alternatives like counselling etc.

Also the laws as pointed out in the speech are inconsistant and wrong.Whilst i believe that there should be limitations on  dissemination like i explained before.A blanket ban on it is counter productive and doesnt work.People will go elsewhere to get this information so its futile.

Yours truly



One Response to “Tough post peoples”

  1. interlogue Says:

    People who want to get the information will now get it through less reliable means than if the ban was not in place.

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