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Australian Values

September 26, 2006

Howard if you havent noticed annoys the crap out of me.He and his fuckbuddies rant on about Australian Values,when he doesnt follow them.

bribery…hmm yes that is so legal so upholding the law!
locking out people who dont register before HE (he is totally opposed to fixed terms of course) calls an election….oh yes democracy in action!

demonising muslims….so tolerant that we should all crack out the flowers put them in our hair and hold hands!
Secularism……getting comfy with the christian lobby (Costello said a speech about muslims (surprise surprise) adopt secularism at a christian lobby meeting) and family first and CDP and branches of his OWN party being hijacked by the christian right right under his nose and im not even fucking going to start on the young liberals.

Even in old johnny’s seat that is so welcoming to other faiths. Hey your government is in bed and being taken over by religious fruitcakes!.

Now if you are going to rant about Australian values, practice what you preach and stop being a fucking hypocrite to score political points.


The tome of the american patriot

September 26, 2006

Gather around children whilst i tell you a story.

There is a person called an american patriot who blindly follows whatever the american government is doing and supported it throughly.

There was years of oppression in the middle east and theft of oil and america’s support of tyrants in the middle east until they went against them or did something they didnt like.

There was trouble afoot there was these people called muslim extremists,because there was no democracy or civil political discourse so these people gained support and grew alot. These people had big and dangerous plans but were largely ignored or oppressed.

Alas the american patriot kept driving his oil guzzling SUV (its a 4WD fuckers) and ignored what was going on or supported it.


All the things that the american government did,the american patriot supported or ignored came to bite them back in the arse.

The people suffered greatly and so did the american patriot.There was mass confusion and many questions asked like.

American Patriot:  “why did they attack us?! *confused*”
American Patriot: “they are attacking freedom and democracy! that’s it! they’re jealous of us!”
American Patriot:”let’s show them what freedom and democracy can do by first making sure our people have none, then going and killing all of them so they can’t point out the irony!”
So they switched on the fox news and said LET’S GET THE DIFFERENT-LOOKING KINDA EVIL FOREIGN PEOPLE!.

Since 9-11 no funny looking arab has fired off so much as a firecracker  but they strongly supported the patriot act as important for “national security”.

So they voted republican and help rig elections (volunteer work is fun!)  and put up flags everywhere.

As i tell this story children i will be called unpatriotic (im Australian FTW) but i would rather be an unpatriotic commie than a dumbarse that get walked all over by there government.

This story hasnt finished children more for another day, but i hope this is not the neverending story.

Nine’s weird world of sport

September 22, 2006

The winter sports are coming to the end, those who are lucky enough to have there teams still going in the finals are on a high.Those whose teams have being knocked out are licking there wounds,people like me whose teams booked a nice holiday to tahiti starting from week 1 of the finals are backing a team in the finals and hoping there mob will get better next year.

Its going to be weird the grand finals there is an 50% percent chance that there is going to be no NSW NRL teams in the grand final.That there is going to be a stadium full of NSW people trying to figure out who they are going to go for and a sprinkling of diehard fans that sell there house to get a flight and a grand final ticket.I think this is the first time for awhile that a non-nsw team will win it.

As for the AFL there is going to be no victorian teams in the grand final for the 3rd year in a row,probably for the first time in history no team where in the top 4. Its being 6 years since a premiership has stayed in victoria.

I think i can speak for ALL fans outside victoria for AFL and outside NSW in the NRL, that its about time and you should suck it up. we had to suffer years of our teams doing absolute crap and being laughing stock of our respective leagues.With hard work and patience we have build up our teams to win premierships and whatnot.

Now we have collingwood in the AFL blaming salary caps and other victorian clubs demanding subsidies so they can win and blaming everyone else other than themselves for the lack of victory.

We had none of this at all hell we have had restrictions for along time to keep ostensibly victorian teams on top its failed.The AFL have removed these barriers after they have failed and we still have won premierships.The victorian teams need to head down bum up and stop whinging,they might win and break our streak.If this continues in NRL it will be interesting to see what the NSW clubs will say.

Well we still have v8 supercars to finish and not to mention the upcoming grandfinals. Another year is almost done now onto soccer YAY epl and a-league are in full swing and should be good.Not to mention the cricket is on soon.

There is a downside to this Friday and Saturday night tv will suck or as my friend cale said “its like a shitfest movie marathon”.

Oh well counting down till the next footy season,oh btw GO THE STORM lets show the dragons gasnier or no gasnier how to play rugby.

Yours truly


Ive stopped heiling hitler and started doing heil mary’s!

September 16, 2006

All aboard the xenophobia train!

Geez even the bloody pope is getting involved in this shit. What he said was thinly veiled attack on islam, thankfully he has being held account for this.This kinda crap needs to stop immediately, you need to reach out to muslims to change them not demand they do.

It seems that since the jews have gone off there hang up list.They have being searching for a new religion to have a go at and its seems they have picked islam.There is a new tide of anti-islamic sentiment reminiscent of Anti-semitism in the 20’s and 30’s etc.That is really disturbing and must be fought against.

Yours truly


Queensland Election Report

September 9, 2006

YAY the Coalition lost and the ABC computer saying that 61 seats have being won by labor.The night was pretty uninteresting with the result all but assured.The main interesting (and funny)bits of the coverage on newsradio was a cartoonist from the curious snail and this bloke called the jack the insider. Also Elisa Roberts comments was classic

Ms Roberts says she is planning a book about her time in Parliament.

“The book is going to make The Latham Diaries look like Play School,” she said.

Also out of all of the speeches the worst was the one from bruce flegg and the best i would have to say from Peter beattie.Its seems that the greens did well although due to the bicameral system it didnt make much of a impact.

Also haha to family first with 1.7%, i think there attempts at a state level are pathetic with the exception of SA.

Yours truly


WTF has happened to lateline interviews?

September 6, 2006

Iam rather annoyed about this they have axed interviews at the end of lateline.Maybe the hand of the new stacked board had there little grubby hands in it?.Ive got two theories……….

1. Lateline is outrated by sunrise (an example of how poorly it rates sadly) (morning program fluffier than a 5-star hotel towels) and the business program they though would bolster ratings so they made it go longer by axing it.Although ratings have never come into it since the shiertollah left.

2. It was and always has being controversial and the board wanted to drop it and was looking for an excuse,especially when people like robert fisk and john pilger get a run on there.

I might fire off an email and see what they have got to say for themselves. (keep you posted)
Yours truly


Piers Akerman our favorite right wing attack pooch

September 6, 2006

From trying to nick a speakerphone from a protester (and ranting about it on national telly making a total dick of himself) to ranting about the ABC.Welcome to the world of Piers Akerman our loveable right wing attack pooch.Despite the fact that he regulary appears on insiders (as does many critical of ABC columnists) he still rants about ABC and calling it such lovely names as the Al-jazeera of the pacific etc (if you pull that shit on say channel 9 bye bye job).

But the only problem is that his rants come unstuck alot of the time with a bit of sniffing around. That is where the troublemakers media watch come in with there lovely ownage of him.

I think if you read it the arguments speak for themselves.I think let the boys and girls at media watch have the last word that explains it.

“All The Daily Telegraph’s Piers Akerman has to do is switch his TV to your ABC and he’s bound to find something to write about.”

Yours truly


Lateline business on the rocks

September 4, 2006

Lateline Business, the new experiment at the ABC, has caused a business crackdown within the broadcaster. Host Ali Moore was brought in from Channel 9. It was supposed to be relatively cheap to run using the same studio crew, but Moore demanded her own studio (she uses the news studio whereas Tony Jones uses the current affairs one). The cost of Lateline Business has blown the budget with every expense detailed by accountants. And it’s other areas that are affected. The chief of staff of news can’t book a freelance crew without several layers of approval. Reporters expenses have been cut back, and things like the helicopter can’t fly unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Ooh more yummy tidbits from crikey i hope that this program is dead,we can have back our beloved lateline with interviews and whatnot instead of a load of toffee shite. Leave the crappy finance programs to foxtel.Also i hope this experiment doesnt bring down lateline with it. 😦

Yours truly


Im not xenophobic honest! i just use it for my own political ends!

September 3, 2006,20867,20322022-601,00.html

Oh jesus he is at it again, this is bollocks i mean shit muslims arent the only group (or minority of that group) that refuse to intergrate.He is targeting them why?.Hmm maybe because many of them (actually most of them) are labor voters, so it wont hurt his base (although there is a famous example of lib muslim Irfan Yusuf).The fact he is a xenophobe and him and his little henchmen are whipping up xenophobia so to get support for there “war on terror” (war on people of different skin colour and religion more like) so they can avoid any controversy when introducing new laws which will subvert people civil liberties.Not to mention the media is not helping.

As John hewson said he is “old school” so he has attitudes on race etc from the 50’s which is disturbing.This is having a terrible effect with all the harrasment of muslims that are happening.

This call is not to be inclusive but to foster amongst non-muslims of a us against them mentality,to divide the community.We must fight this and fight the howard government and aim for true integration of all peoples of Australia.

Yours truly





September 1, 2006

Woohoo! they lost USA arrogance has got the better of them and the world is catching up.I knew that this was going to happen sooner or later.To think that our boomers almost won against them im proud of our boys. 🙂