fox sports 3 to be launched,8659,19315659-23210,00.html

I have a bad feeling about this.Sure there will be expanded coverage for sports that didnt get it before and whatnot,but they will be on the prowl for more stuff to snap up from sporting organisations desperate for decent coverage on tv. So that means less sport for people who cannot afford $50+ a month to watch tv.

Also with the loosening of the anti-siphoning legislation, they will exploit the loopholes to spirit away big sporting events like bledisloe cup etc.This will intensify the efforts of pay tv to do so.Like andrew demitriou (sp?) said everyone has a tv capable of accessing FTA tv.Whereas subscribers to Austar and foxtel probably number less that a million (rough estimate would be probably three quarters of million) so why should the vast majority be denied sporting events.

There is an argument that alot of sports that are pay tv exclusive, wouldent get coverage on FTA anyway and that would be good if they stayed in that niche( and benificial to those who had to put up with substandard coverage on FTA).The people who run pay tv are sharks,want to get all the big events on there and deprive those who cant afford it etc access to it.

I believe that the governments needs to let new channel on FTA on the market and give existing channels a chance to have multiple channels (i.e one for sport one for movies etc).This applies to digital and analog formats and is the only way to combat pay tv.

Yours truly



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