SA libs being petty and nasty- whaddaya know?

Geoff Tapp writes: SA Libs party president Chris Moriarty recently took a giant swipe at SA No Pokies Nick Xenophon as being populist and that he had been allowed by the Libs to control the last election agenda. Excuse me, but for a major political party to be scared of one person (who almost gained the same amount — 20% — of electoral support as the whole State Liberal Party — 25%) seems a pretty soft option. I would have thought that the Labor Party would have given the Libs a far larger target. Had the Libs’ attack on Mr X happened within 12 months from an election I’m fairly sure they would see another chunk of their upper house vote go to Nick. Hmmm, wonder when was the last time a major party amassed fewer votes than an independent?

Another classic one from crikeys readers :).It seems the liberal party does two things if its losing 1. turn on itself 2. attack others who are being successful or they just dont like.Well lock in number two eddie its seems, i mean seriously after iain evans suggesting they can win on the back of IR laws in this state at the next federal election.It cant get much worse and the SA labor party must be sitting back pouring themselves a drink and watching all this unfold whilst waiting for there chance to pounce.

They seem to making themselves look stupid and incompetent into a fine art.If it wasnt for people like nick xenophon, we wouldent have an opposition and ol mikey would be able do what he pleases.The liberal party need to lift there act.

Yours truly



2 Responses to “SA libs being petty and nasty- whaddaya know?”

  1. interlogue Says:

    It seems to be almost the default state of state Liberal parties these days – the one here in WA has no coherent policies, a sitting duck leader and two factions tearing each other to pieces, while the Queensland Liberal leader, fresh from ousting the old leader (who’s now retiring in disgust), got kicked out of a shopping centre for campaigning without permission.

  2. adam214 Says:

    Haha what an idiot and yes if there not in power they fall apart, whereas when the tables was turned the labor provided a good opposition in SA, which built itself up to take power it took along time but they finally did it.

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