Parallel Universe

He said he represented neither US imperialism nor support for “the bearded one”, 

This is a statement from the opposition candidate in the venezuela presidential election Manuel Rosales which i think most represents the change that South America has undergone and its shift to the left after many years of incompetent and corrupt government and military dictatorships.

This has brought sweeping social reforms and benefits for all and probably long after the current bunch of leaders the south american revolution has begun.

This is in stark contrast to the first world where there has being an almost universal shift to right.Social Reforms long fought for are being swept away with a stroke of a pen, there is less democracy and less debate by the lack of debate and discourse in these societies as people are being placated and being made to feel comfortable with there government.

Also the critisism and debate of America role in the world is sorely lacking amongst politicians and general society, for a opposition leader to call the US imperialists would be considered “undermining the alliance” or “anti-american bigotry”.

The most damning thing is saying nothing at all, that the leaders of our countries in the western world dont have the spine to say anything at all. That is absolute cowardice and lack of leadership (especially on the opposition part).

We must hold these governments to accountable,we must united to have an left alternative,resist this shift toward the right.We must have discourse and debate once again,  functioning democracies with all the check and balances.

We used to pride ourselves on democracy but its lagging, south america is leading the way with the grassroots showing the way and throwing out the old system and starting anew.

Yours truly



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