Enough freaking finance aunty!

I was talking to a friend and he wasnt happy about ABC because of all of the finance programs on ABC especially the late news and the midday news.

I agree with him the ABC is the peoples station they shouldent be catering more to people who are obsessed with there shares.

There are internet,newspapers specialising in it and not to mention dailies and weekly that have finance section in it and if you want to go the whole hog you can austar or foxtel and get 1-3 24hr a day finance channels in the comfort of your own home.

Finance is and always will be an niche interest to a few, ABC shouldent be focussing on it ,when there could be much more engaging subjects in the whole news category, that could of more interest to people.

In short coverage of finance/business should of a minumum like most FTA channels (not saying that they should copy them).Those who do follow it most likely can afford other probably better alternatives.

More doco and current affairs and less finance!

Yours truly



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