how to migrate from livejournal to wordpress

Hello all i decide to post this tutorial due to the fact its a one of a kind i think :).

Iam going to assume you know how to set up an account with wordpress :/ ( etc.Also to have some basic computer knowledge .

First thing first you will have to export your journal and save it as a xml file to your computer (use the IE browser for this NOT mozilla or other alternatives (because you cant save the XML file on mozilla or others) dont worry you wont have to use IE after this :/)

1.Go to

2.Fill in what month you want (yyyy stands for year and mmm stands for month) and set the format to XML

3.Click proceed

4.The browser will try to interpret it,it will come out as a jumbled mess ignore that and right click>view source

5.It will open up in notepad once that is open go file>save as

6.Type out file name in quotes i.e “save.xml” otherwise it will not save as a XML file but as a text file :/ save

step 2 (the easy part) put the XML file to wordpress
1.login into wordpress
2.Go to my dashboard on manage and then click on import on livejournal

5. click on browse find your file and find your file on upload and import

Voila! you have imported the first part of your old blog,repeat this until you have imported all your blog (for some reason livejournal dont allow to export all at once).

Enjoy and if you have any probs just contact me in the comments section and ill see if i can help you.

Yours truly



5 Responses to “how to migrate from livejournal to wordpress”

  1. weez Says:

    Welcome to WordPress, Adam.

    When you become proficient and have some spare coinage, you can run WP on your own hosting facilities, but you will be able to learn WP up & down while you’re here.

    Good onya for having a go. 🙂

  2. adam214 Says:

    Thankyou weezil i think ill give that one a miss for this blog, but i have a project on the go, that might require a blog for news and whatnot so ill give a go then.

  3. Hemanshu Says:

    I do have one question, did you manage to get the tags as well as comments imported as well?

  4. Rebecca Says:

    Hi There
    I Have found your blog’s url on my Friend’s (Karl) site. Good to see!

  5. adam214 Says:

    Hemanshu i didnt manage to import the comments because livejournal sucks.Rebecca cool more people read my blog the better. 🙂

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