BBC have your say or is it?

Hmm im a bit suspect about the BBC have your say.It is frequently flogged off on the BBC world service and it claims you can join in on the debate, but it seems only if you have a certain view more or less.I have on several occasions posted on there NOT one was published,people who post of there alot more than i do have report similar things.

I strongly believe that essentially the posts reflect the views of the secretive and shadowy moderators and would be worse, if there wasnt a emphasis on report and reflecting all sides of the debate, but i think this effort on have your say is largely token.Noone has held them to account and cannot really unless you want to bother with emails that they probably never will read or take into account hell we dont know who they are anyway.

In short you can have your say but dont expect it to be published unless the moderators like your comments, despite the fact your comments dont break any rules which are set out clearly.I believe that all comments should be published unless they break those rules.

Yours truly

(P.S If you read my castro illness post above you are reading another one that didnt get published because they didnt like it)


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