castro illness

Im rather annoyed with the media coverage and the obvious biase against him and them crapping on about how there is going to be “democracy” in cuba after he is gone and how communism will collapse in cuba *rolls eyes*.

I believe that discussing what is going to happen after he dies is a bit disrespectful and wrong, but it seems that anti-castro nuts never pay respect to cuba anyway and will even celebrate him being sick you lose your humanity methinks when you do that.

The vast vast majority of cubans support castro today and have done so for 40 odd years,he has brought genuine change to cuba for the better but that is never reported in the media just made up,half-truths and over blown stuff about how “bad” cuba is.

I hope he gets better soon we are all hoping and praying (well those who are religious) for you.

get well comrade

Yours truly


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