soldier videos being watched

Now why doesnt this surprise me?.I think that the pentagon wants to present a nice side to war and present it as patriotic and crap like that and doesnt want to show this graphic stuff, unless its to tarnish the enemy.In short it doesnt want war to be shown in a bad light, because they want poor people to go off and fight there imperialist wars.

I think whilst graphic and gruesome is a positive development and a alternative way to show stuff that circa vietnam war was shown into peoples loungerooms every night (although probably not as graphic but you get the point).The goons at the pentagon call it the vietnam syndrome and have being fighting it with saturation of properganda as news and controlling the media access, this breaks it down (as the internet does with most censorship)and lets people see the bad side of war and this has become influential as a clip culture emerges online.So long as these videos dont become glorifying and become snuff films for sickos to jerk off to,i have no problem with it and is a good way to get around pentagon censorship and properganda.

Yours truly


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