kazaa becomes legal service.


This is no big deal at all because kazaa sucks it was gone long ago. Sharman did it all by itself and is now trying to cut it losses and hopes that those who tolerated it to this point will now pay for it.Yeah right KAZAA is hated by everyone people who once used it 0.1 percent of those suckers who kept with it will continue to line sharmans pockets.Whilst the rest of us looked for alternatives and they have largely prospered.The 100 million dollars is dirty money funded by spyware etc,shouldent be going to RIAA but those whose privacy has being violated by this shit.

I do not why the music industry is celebrating those programs which have shut down or gone legit where largely abandoned by people LONG AGO and whole heap of awesome P2P have sprung into its place.It has essentially got rid of all the crappy but once popular programs,this will continue as soon as you take down one 10 more that have remained under the radar soon become popular.It is essentially a cycle which started out with napster, attempts of RIAA and its ilk are rather futile.They rarely get a P2P in its prime, its usually in decline once they find out about it.

Keep on downloading

Yours truly


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