stuff under the bed

Hello All.

This is a new experiment where i cram several ideas into one post.

1.Random moment of the day
Guy:hello how is it going
Me: *thinking do i know you?* good i guess
Guy: i know this is going to sound weird but you look like my mate in whyalla and um i live in whyalla can i take a photo of you on my mobile phone?
*takes the photo*
Me:did you get it?
Guy:yeah thanks for that have a nice day.

Oh well so long as it doesnt end up in some gay chat room or the internet im fine with that. (not that i have anything against gays i just dont want them to have my picture).

2.Football slaughterhouse
I went to the local football and saw my team lincoln south beat bostons by 211 points

34 13 212 lincoln south vs bostons 0.1.1

Do not adjust your LCD screen that is the score (give or take a behind).


My good friend Andy introduced me to this band awesome! i went and done some pirating today ARRRRR! and download there stuff, good stuff.

YAY the crows lost by 82 points and go the power for tonight!.

Beat those damn kiwis!


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