norwegian cartoon causes controversy

This is interesting, i personally think that that the cartoon is probably pushing the envelope a bit too much and could offend, but its intentions are not that at all and to compare it to the mohammed cartoons is a bit too far,not even the israeli ambassador would say that.

The mohammed cartoons where essentially a racist incitement, on behalf of right wing christian newspaper who wanted to incite people and offend them.Whereas this cartoon is a satire and criticism of israel's actions in lebanon and Gaza which is justified,i hope that we have gone past the idea that if you criticise israel your an anti-semite.Those who are pro-palestinian are getting sick of it, it seems to be an throw away line used by israeli politicians.I think that israel overreacts to this (it hasnt really i think its being a rather calm response to it), you could see the Dagbladet fly off the shelves in norway. 😉

I think that people should listen to that radio program i supplied a link to it includes an interview with the israeli ambassador to norway and the editor of Dagbladet quite interesting (FYI the program was broadcast on newsradio in the wee hours of the morning as is europe today is every night).

Yours truly


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