orange revolution please give me a banana!

Now why doesnt this surprise me? the orange revolution was a sham, essentially one square in kiev does not signal a popular revolt just a well orgainised demostration and it worked.The americans back the opposition in because of the govt close ties with russia and its desire to get more influence in the region after the collapse of the soviet union.

I find it ironic the person who got thrown out got re-elected essentially after the failure of the “orange coalition”.Anyway a real revolution is of the people for the people this was an attempted for another group of fat cats and well educated people to get power over another group of people no more less.

It has brought reforms and things are better overall, but people are suffering in ukraine still and this didnt change, nor will nato membership or EU membership for that matter.

Also for the govt of the US, to claim that the ukrainian elections which started this whole thing to be unfair and rigged is a bit rich coming from them.

Yours truly


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