Lebanon and the middle east

Hello all what is going on lebanon is sad,wrong and depressing and my hearts go out to ALL of those stuck there especially my fellow Australians.

What the israelis are doing is murder that has achieved nothing hezbollah are alot stronger than that, they fought nearly 20 years of israeli occupation and successfully drove them out in 2000, they are NOT going to give up without a fight nor would i want them.For that to happen would be a total and complete capitulation to israeli and american interests and that isnt good at all.

The assumption that this is a fight between america and iran is quite wrong and assumes that hezbollah is a puppet of which its most certainly not true at all.Although they do enjoy a good relationship with each other as they do with syria.

I believe there has to be ceasefire immediately and genuine diplomacy not this bullshit from secretary rice and hezbollah must be included (they wont take NOTHING lying down if screwed over and locked out).I think that all things being fair and equal israel should just get out hezbollah releasing prisoners and hamas doing the same for that matter.

There is no war all it is that israel came in and attack hezbollah with dispreportionate force to what hezbollah did.There is no war its just that israel is in too deep and hezbollah has being stronger than first thought.The rocket attacks have only happened AFTER israel attack whilst i dont condone them israel really has noone else to blame but itself on that one.(my hearts go out to the israeli civilian caught up in this they are innocent bystanders on this one)

The idea that the americans want to create a “new middle east” makes me mad as hell and just shows how arrogant and imperialist america is, out of touch with the arab world.As one person said america has lost respect, since its foreign policy was taken over by right-wing neo conservative extremists.There relationship with the middle east is the equivelant of britain and its relationship with its colonies at the heighth of its powers.A one of arrogance and contempt and the idea that it can “civilise the savages”.Although as usual wrapped in diplomatic speak and usual american retoric.

The arabs want a new middle east and freedom but freedom from them!.They want robust democracies but that will not happen whilst america is meddling in there affairs,the ever present israeli war machine which seems to be allowed to galavant around the middle east pissing on nation right to exists,disrespecting borders and killing civilians and bombing infrastructure.

This has happened already palestinian elections where hamas won fair and square america and israel didnt like the result so it started all over again.This is what will happen, if there is an “free” middle east whilst america is around and israel too.

Unless israel is reigned in and america is too, there will be no peace and no democracy in the middle east.

Yours truly


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