Newsradio addiction

Hmm i think im addicted to it last few nights, ive being going to asleep to it and waking up to it.I think ive got nothing on my good friend Andy (the man who introduce it to me) who has being doing it for the last 3.5 years, so ive got a fair way to go.I should take there test on there website and see how addicted iam to it.Oh and also ive written up an petition and distributed around the place so we can get newsradio in port lincoln, so that must count for something BEAT THAT ANDY!.(i will dutifully give you progress on that petition soon)

I have done the test and my score is 43 and blindingly well informed news radio addict not bad andy will probably beat me :/.

Here is the links to it
The best radio station in Australia
The addicts test

I seem not to be alone, since its the only radio station website in Australia i know of that has an addicts page and test for it.
Feel free to gloat about being more obsessed than me in the comments.Also there is a good quote from the site about us addicts.

NewsRadio-addict (n) 1. an unusually well informed person. 2. one who takes an interest in the world and current events. 3. one who contributes up-to-date information to a conversation.

For the non-converted:
You can listen to it online for those who cant access it the old way, there is a list of frequencies on the website where you can tune in.


Yours truly


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