How could you daniel motlop? :(

Hmm another demoralising loss for the port adelaide boys here is adam's recap of it (times and stuff are just a big blurr so bear with me).

first two quarters

As the abc radio boys described it boring as batshit and port where ultra-defensive and i seriously thought that port where going to lose 26 points behind.

three-quarter time
WOOT! the port boys where doing REALLY well they have being playing good football and looked like they could run over the top of them.

4th quarter
Was pretty boring until son of port god russell ebert kick a HUGE goal to get within 5 points with a couple of minutes to go,in yours truly moment of delirium whack into the warddrobe with the coathanger and clothes within suffering major trama :D, with the warddrobe still standing and ive kinda calm down the ball was bounced and the ball was kick down to the fifty with josh mahoney flubbing the mark DAMN YOU!.With seconds to go to ball was rushed down there and daniel motlop took a screamer ,thinking falsely that he would have it imbedded several rows back with 20 seconds or so to go it wasnt to be the siren went and he flubbed it port lost by 4 points. 😦

Lets hope that they can win next week this is all about pride the best measure of a club is how it response when its down.

Give all you got where right behind you

Yours truly


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