china internet censorship:is it that bad?

I know this is going to cause controversy im challenging the orthodoxy widely held in the western world about china,perpetuated by exile groups (this has decreased since the west is schmoozing with them for trade) whilst i believe critisism of china is needed and helpful, hell all countries need criticism but some is no more than anti-communist properganda.

Anyhoo i was listening to a radio program on BBC world service about china's internet censorship, actually i have heard this program repeated three times in the last few days so they must be really pushing it.It was reporting about china's much vaunted internet censorship when i noticed something peculiar everything was reported and sourced within china! well by gum if it was so so so bad why would they let BBC journalists record programs within china critising the government AND recording interviews with dissidents AND recording them at work and there experience's as internet dissidents (not to mention one of them telling about how citizens are getting around internet censorship with software)

I find this a bit funny that this is all going whilst china is routinely condemned for doing all this.Usually when a totalitarian regime as china is described in this radio program you have handlers and mention any touchy subjects you get thrown out or told to shut up and bow to the statue.But no there not! they are allowed to conduct themselves freely even recording a snippet from a *internet cafe* in beijing whilst attempting to access a site banned by china hmm another strike.Also if there arse was on the line they wouldent be feel free to describe themselves by there proper name but they did and talked without fear.So china isnt this heinous totalitarian society it has its problems and flaws but its not as nearly as bad as put out essentially.

As for internet censorship ITS EVERYWHERE, almost every single society in the world has a degree of state (and private sector censorship) sanctioned internet censorship whilst i dont condone it at all, i think before anyone critisises china they should look in there own backyard even in western societies, like in state run education systems (i have experience this first hand) where there is state/province/country level censorship, where they claim that they censor only stuff like pornography etc but go way further as they claim china, does in its system or as described “great firewall of china”.

The media in china is described by the interviewee as a mouthpiece of the communist party of china, i think that many journalists who ply there trade in china would find that offensive.There is alot of self-censorship essentially in china but that happens everywhere.Also i think that they should listen to china radio international which is wonderful,is frank about issues in china and describes corruption,pollution etc etc for all of sundry, takes no prisoners and also played a leading role in tiananamen square massacre coverage.

Yours truly


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