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No wonder i went to asleep.

July 31, 2006

Lap 59: Webber's dream race has turned into a nightmare as the Australian falls out of contention with smoking engine. Yet again, Williams finish out of the points, despite a fantastic race by Webber. But Raikkonen has the last podium place in his sights, having found a way past Button on the previous lap.

Goddamnit mark webber went out again 😡 , i really hope that williams get there shit together mark webber is a much better driver than his performances suggest.Damnit schumacher wins again i really hope that retires after this season good riddance.Anyhoo i heard about the deal that williams have with toyota next lets hope that it results in a better engine and more reliable engine for williams next season.It better be because mark webber has this idea that he wants to stay with williams for the rest of his career :).

Yours truly


mel gibson=anti semitic pisshead extraordinaire

July 30, 2006

It all comes out when your on the piss and when you a celebrity it all comes out the next day on the front page, especially when you make anti-semitic remakes no matter how much you try to cover it up (although that movie that noone would touch with a ten foot pole kinda revealed it already).Lets hope that he keeps this shit to himself in future or pay a visit to a holocaust museum to see the results of anti-semitism.

soldier videos being watched

July 30, 2006

Now why doesnt this surprise me?.I think that the pentagon wants to present a nice side to war and present it as patriotic and crap like that and doesnt want to show this graphic stuff, unless its to tarnish the enemy.In short it doesnt want war to be shown in a bad light, because they want poor people to go off and fight there imperialist wars.

I think whilst graphic and gruesome is a positive development and a alternative way to show stuff that circa vietnam war was shown into peoples loungerooms every night (although probably not as graphic but you get the point).The goons at the pentagon call it the vietnam syndrome and have being fighting it with saturation of properganda as news and controlling the media access, this breaks it down (as the internet does with most censorship)and lets people see the bad side of war and this has become influential as a clip culture emerges online.So long as these videos dont become glorifying and become snuff films for sickos to jerk off to,i have no problem with it and is a good way to get around pentagon censorship and properganda.

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kazaa becomes legal service.

July 30, 2006

This is no big deal at all because kazaa sucks it was gone long ago. Sharman did it all by itself and is now trying to cut it losses and hopes that those who tolerated it to this point will now pay for it.Yeah right KAZAA is hated by everyone people who once used it 0.1 percent of those suckers who kept with it will continue to line sharmans pockets.Whilst the rest of us looked for alternatives and they have largely prospered.The 100 million dollars is dirty money funded by spyware etc,shouldent be going to RIAA but those whose privacy has being violated by this shit.

I do not why the music industry is celebrating those programs which have shut down or gone legit where largely abandoned by people LONG AGO and whole heap of awesome P2P have sprung into its place.It has essentially got rid of all the crappy but once popular programs,this will continue as soon as you take down one 10 more that have remained under the radar soon become popular.It is essentially a cycle which started out with napster, attempts of RIAA and its ilk are rather futile.They rarely get a P2P in its prime, its usually in decline once they find out about it.

Keep on downloading

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stuff under the bed

July 29, 2006

Hello All.

This is a new experiment where i cram several ideas into one post.

1.Random moment of the day
Guy:hello how is it going
Me: *thinking do i know you?* good i guess
Guy: i know this is going to sound weird but you look like my mate in whyalla and um i live in whyalla can i take a photo of you on my mobile phone?
*takes the photo*
Me:did you get it?
Guy:yeah thanks for that have a nice day.

Oh well so long as it doesnt end up in some gay chat room or the internet im fine with that. (not that i have anything against gays i just dont want them to have my picture).

2.Football slaughterhouse
I went to the local football and saw my team lincoln south beat bostons by 211 points

34 13 212 lincoln south vs bostons 0.1.1

Do not adjust your LCD screen that is the score (give or take a behind).


My good friend Andy introduced me to this band awesome! i went and done some pirating today ARRRRR! and download there stuff, good stuff.

YAY the crows lost by 82 points and go the power for tonight!.

Beat those damn kiwis!

Microsoft further proves its suckyness

July 28, 2006

This pisses me off majorly people are being denied choice of browser AGAIN, firefox is the best browser out there and people are leaving IE in droves.Instead of doing the honest thing to do- come up with a better product its resorting to its insane market share in the OS market to corner people into using its products.This is wrong and shouldent be happening noone else would be allowed to do this, if they did it would be declared a nuisance and people would avoid it, but they cant and that is a worry.

Microsoft needs to be reigned in and FAST ,viva la firefox get it here Tabbed browsing rules IE sucks.

Yours truly

daily show with jon stewart

July 28, 2006

The first time i watched this show i thought it was a bit lame and stupid but i watched it again and man its funny! he spends his time paying out bush and other idiots of that ilk (i shouldent say that bush has no compare) and that is good!.Although some of the moments made me cringe a bit,it is most definately worth watching.Watch it on SBS thursday night on at 10PM before it gets taken off again.Also reviving SBS great tradition of late night soft porn, erotic tales is on tonight at 10PM im going to watch that giggity giggity!.

Also people who watch jon stewart as news source should be shot, as he said ITS A SATIRE if you want a good news source i suggest or or

Yours truly

norwegian cartoon causes controversy

July 27, 2006

This is interesting, i personally think that that the cartoon is probably pushing the envelope a bit too much and could offend, but its intentions are not that at all and to compare it to the mohammed cartoons is a bit too far,not even the israeli ambassador would say that.

The mohammed cartoons where essentially a racist incitement, on behalf of right wing christian newspaper who wanted to incite people and offend them.Whereas this cartoon is a satire and criticism of israel's actions in lebanon and Gaza which is justified,i hope that we have gone past the idea that if you criticise israel your an anti-semite.Those who are pro-palestinian are getting sick of it, it seems to be an throw away line used by israeli politicians.I think that israel overreacts to this (it hasnt really i think its being a rather calm response to it), you could see the Dagbladet fly off the shelves in norway. 😉

I think that people should listen to that radio program i supplied a link to it includes an interview with the israeli ambassador to norway and the editor of Dagbladet quite interesting (FYI the program was broadcast on newsradio in the wee hours of the morning as is europe today is every night).

Yours truly

Senate passes interstate abortion bill

July 26, 2006

This is crap pandering to the christian right and endangering girls lives and the most vunerable ones of society.Having an abortion is a traumatic time for any women or girl,there family should be there for emotional support etc, but when a family or parents try to enforce there moral beliefs on there children,endangering there life or having a unwanted pregnancy is child abuse and should not happen.If the parents do not consent, there should be a right for the girl to have the final say.After all there the ones that have to deal with what happens and live with it.

As edward kennedy said “Congress ought to have higher priorities than turning grandparents into criminals,” said Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Massachusetts.He is absolutely right what they are outlawing is in many cases the most compassionate thing they could do for that child.

Yours truly

orange revolution please give me a banana!

July 26, 2006

Now why doesnt this surprise me? the orange revolution was a sham, essentially one square in kiev does not signal a popular revolt just a well orgainised demostration and it worked.The americans back the opposition in because of the govt close ties with russia and its desire to get more influence in the region after the collapse of the soviet union.

I find it ironic the person who got thrown out got re-elected essentially after the failure of the “orange coalition”.Anyway a real revolution is of the people for the people this was an attempted for another group of fat cats and well educated people to get power over another group of people no more less.

It has brought reforms and things are better overall, but people are suffering in ukraine still and this didnt change, nor will nato membership or EU membership for that matter.

Also for the govt of the US, to claim that the ukrainian elections which started this whole thing to be unfair and rigged is a bit rich coming from them.

Yours truly