The future beyond the greens for progressive and left people

I will make a promise to myself to never lose my idealism and to never stop fighting for a better world for everyone.Never give up this will be a hard and long struggle but we will win.We have had a two party system for a 100+ years it will take a *long* time to change that.I wont just throw my vote at the greens in hope that it will change it wont whilst the greens are the only alternative.They are a protest vote we need to build an progressive alternative that is sustainable,not a protest vote but a real alternative to the two party system and in a position to eventually govern this country.

The greens are not sustainable this is becoming clear there lay orgainisation is non-existant in some place and in other small and entrenched and full of angry old ladies.So there is no obvious leader of the greens once bob brown has gone and once he is gone the greens are real trouble.If they cant move past the protest vote people will eventually get sick of them and not vote for them.So yes i will vote for them because they are best of a very bad bunch.But im also with many other people working towards a goal of an alternative which can one day not only keep the bastards honest but to get rid of the bastards.

Yours truly


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