why cant we have tv with zero wanky ads and why cant coke sell its products with zero shite?

Oh dear god like we need another annoying thing infiltrating pop culture courtesy of our corporate overlords.The ad for coke zero is fucking annoying as hell,whats worse is that they have started this thing called the zero movement.That is right the evil bastards at coca-cola have started this shit http://www.zeromovement.com/, where people can come in read the “manifesto” (karl marx would be spinning in his grave)and read this blog written by some dumbass at coca-cola.What worse there is people from what i can gather are real people not kids doing work experience at coca-cola marketing department are replieing.Coming up with things “inspired” by coke zero c'mon guys its a fucking drink.The kicker is that they have got there deranged minions to advertise for them even producing posters that you can print off and stick up around the place.

Hey i got one courtesy of my mate andy “why can't you fucks secede from australia, have an entire nation called zero nation with coke zero bottle tops as the national currency and see how far you get”.Yeah and then we could get johnny on to it, call it a rogue state and harbourer of terrorists and bomb the living crap out of it.Then set up zero ghraib round them all up and then get lyndy english and charles grainer to humiliate and torture them and then take pictures of them and put it on the internet.That is my idea to crush the zero movement.

As for the ad….i got inspiration from the men and women of law in redfern,sydney.We encorage that guy to make another ad and when he is bus surfing “accidentaly” suddenly stop getting him impaled on the fence.Taking liberty with the idea i know but it would work.Now that is an ad i would i could imagine “how bout zero pain and more ambulance….please”.

Yours truly

(p.s the shit has spread…. http://www.jasonchatfield.com/blog/article/8/nah-like-fully-puff-man-hey)


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