freedom of speech has its limits

There is being a huge furore over the last few weeks over these cartoons.I will put in my 2 cents in.I believe that these cartoons are wrong and inflammatory.The people involved in this thing are not being responsible with there freedom of speech, they are inflaming the situation with there grandstanding about the issue and some of this is just shameful the worst of all was the depiction of the protests by the sunday mail totally out of line they where depicting these people as followers of osama bin laden!.

This is worst of all like my friends at crikey pointed out ( the pictures if you *really* have to but dont say things like this- However, in the clash of values at the centre of the dispute not to publish because of fear of disturbing the sensibilities of Muslims would be to give way in the face of bullying threats. That is what Muslims are seeking to have the Western democracies do with their threats of bombs and trade boycotts.(,2106,3561191a6483,00.html)

Muslims are not against democracy or anything but this is gone beyond that.This is slander of there religion and that is not right.We should not be doing this if we want peace and dialogue between faiths and culture, not publishing the cartoons is not about freedom of speech as the defenders of this have made it out to be,this is respecting Islam which has got a bad rap lately which is sad.Even more wrong is that right wingers and conservatives have taken this opportunity to take a swipe at islam and to *deliberately* inflame to situation for political gain which is shameful.

Yours truly


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