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The future beyond the greens for progressive and left people

February 17, 2006

I will make a promise to myself to never lose my idealism and to never stop fighting for a better world for everyone.Never give up this will be a hard and long struggle but we will win.We have had a two party system for a 100+ years it will take a *long* time to change that.I wont just throw my vote at the greens in hope that it will change it wont whilst the greens are the only alternative.They are a protest vote we need to build an progressive alternative that is sustainable,not a protest vote but a real alternative to the two party system and in a position to eventually govern this country.

The greens are not sustainable this is becoming clear there lay orgainisation is non-existant in some place and in other small and entrenched and full of angry old ladies.So there is no obvious leader of the greens once bob brown has gone and once he is gone the greens are real trouble.If they cant move past the protest vote people will eventually get sick of them and not vote for them.So yes i will vote for them because they are best of a very bad bunch.But im also with many other people working towards a goal of an alternative which can one day not only keep the bastards honest but to get rid of the bastards.

Yours truly


why cant we have tv with zero wanky ads and why cant coke sell its products with zero shite?

February 16, 2006

Oh dear god like we need another annoying thing infiltrating pop culture courtesy of our corporate overlords.The ad for coke zero is fucking annoying as hell,whats worse is that they have started this thing called the zero movement.That is right the evil bastards at coca-cola have started this shit, where people can come in read the “manifesto” (karl marx would be spinning in his grave)and read this blog written by some dumbass at coca-cola.What worse there is people from what i can gather are real people not kids doing work experience at coca-cola marketing department are replieing.Coming up with things “inspired” by coke zero c'mon guys its a fucking drink.The kicker is that they have got there deranged minions to advertise for them even producing posters that you can print off and stick up around the place.

Hey i got one courtesy of my mate andy “why can't you fucks secede from australia, have an entire nation called zero nation with coke zero bottle tops as the national currency and see how far you get”.Yeah and then we could get johnny on to it, call it a rogue state and harbourer of terrorists and bomb the living crap out of it.Then set up zero ghraib round them all up and then get lyndy english and charles grainer to humiliate and torture them and then take pictures of them and put it on the internet.That is my idea to crush the zero movement.

As for the ad….i got inspiration from the men and women of law in redfern,sydney.We encorage that guy to make another ad and when he is bus surfing “accidentaly” suddenly stop getting him impaled on the fence.Taking liberty with the idea i know but it would work.Now that is an ad i would i could imagine “how bout zero pain and more ambulance….please”.

Yours truly

(p.s the shit has spread….

not happy jan

February 9, 2006

Rosaries and ovaries – and tolerance

Former Labor staffer Alex Sanchez writes:

Can the Greens be any more miserable? In the week Muslims burn and destroy protesting caricatures and cartoons we see Senator Nettle wearing a T-shirt emblazoned “Mr Abbott, Get your rosaries off my ovaries.” (Poor old Kerry, she had to wear a blazer in the Senate to cover it up).

So what's the problem I hear you say – free speech and all that. True enough. But for Senator Nettle and the Greens, the European cartoons are offensive to Muslims and should not have been published in the first place. The offence is the issue, not the response.

But what about her T-shirt then? Well, that's a different story again. Who cares if you offend Catholics, it's a matter of free speech. Whatever it takes to get your point across, offensive or not. Besides, in the little minds of the Greens, Catholics are always fair game, other faiths are always victims. And it's the Green way to apply the argument that suits and toes your adolescent line.

These Greens have no scruples. No shame. Are Catholics, even Labor supporting ones like me, offended by Nettle's T-shirt? You bet. Are we going to vandalise cities like sections of the world Muslim community have? Nope.

Are we, like the anti-globalists that Nettle enjoins, going to roll ball bearings under police horses or take to McDonald's and Starbucks stores? Wouldn't think so. No. We'll take it on the chin, and wait. Patiently. Very patiently. For that time when we can put the likes of the Greens and Kerry Nettle last on any ballot paper – Federal, State or Local. A good memory is the best weapon you can have. I'll certainly be waiting.

Im going into bat for the greens on this one sure its a cheap stunt.But it gets them in the media and when you get no media attention on comm networks, you need to get that attention good or bad.I really thought that the last paragraph was really a cheap shot,something that under the belt should be coming from a liberal not labor person, which the greens basically saved in the senate and got 1 or 2 members over the line in close races.

I think mr alex sanchez needs to either stop bagging the greens or join the liberal party.If it wasnt for the high green vote in the last election labor would of being really in the shit,needless to say the senate majority would be a hell of alot more than one for the coalition.

So mr sanchez shut up and put the greens number two on your ballot and vote above the line for labor.They may be idiots to you but there useful idiots and then you can get more right wing labor types like you in to parliament(and senate).Hell they might get you into parliament one day (god help us all).

Yours truly

freedom of speech has its limits

February 6, 2006

There is being a huge furore over the last few weeks over these cartoons.I will put in my 2 cents in.I believe that these cartoons are wrong and inflammatory.The people involved in this thing are not being responsible with there freedom of speech, they are inflaming the situation with there grandstanding about the issue and some of this is just shameful the worst of all was the depiction of the protests by the sunday mail totally out of line they where depicting these people as followers of osama bin laden!.

This is worst of all like my friends at crikey pointed out ( the pictures if you *really* have to but dont say things like this- However, in the clash of values at the centre of the dispute not to publish because of fear of disturbing the sensibilities of Muslims would be to give way in the face of bullying threats. That is what Muslims are seeking to have the Western democracies do with their threats of bombs and trade boycotts.(,2106,3561191a6483,00.html)

Muslims are not against democracy or anything but this is gone beyond that.This is slander of there religion and that is not right.We should not be doing this if we want peace and dialogue between faiths and culture, not publishing the cartoons is not about freedom of speech as the defenders of this have made it out to be,this is respecting Islam which has got a bad rap lately which is sad.Even more wrong is that right wingers and conservatives have taken this opportunity to take a swipe at islam and to *deliberately* inflame to situation for political gain which is shameful.

Yours truly