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risking liberty for…….

January 21, 2006

Britney spears! that is right folks some idiot has risked several years imprisoment to listen to that.Ill explain i was listening to voice of america and it came accross “we have a request from …. in china britney spears ….”.In china you can get several years of imprisoment and hard labour and ofcourse torture for listening to that.My friend reckons that if you put electrode to him he wouldent fell anything.


shortwave and slamming sam

January 19, 2006

Ive just bought a shortwave radio (sangean ats-505) and its awesome! ive being able to find stations from all over the world! voice of turkey,radio sweden,voice of russia,radio australia,bbc world service,voice of america,radio china! and i think i have found a new hobby! 🙂 to top that all off i can get am and fm radio from Adelaide! also im going to build the antenna from doom mwahahahahahah!

Here is the national treasure sam kekovich talking about unaustralianism which is funny as hell and you should watch it otherwise you will be unaustralian! LOL


Yours truly

just what the doctor ordered!

January 13, 2006

dr pepper in japanese!

even monkeys like it!

Anyhoo i got woken up to see a box on the ground it was here! it cost me $50 bucks but i dont care it is good!.Nice cold dr pepper ahhh it just rolls down your throat.You can get it from for the people who cant find it in Australia, it is uber expensive and if anyone can find a place where i can buy it i would be most happy.

Yours truly

Australian open and tv

January 12, 2006

Now i dislike tennis except womens tennis but thats for the wrong reasons.I can tolerate this vile and boring game How? its called the remote!, BUT when it interfers with television viewing I GET PISSED!.Seven or southern cross as its known here has removed one of the few reason i watch that channel family guy and american dad!.It is infinately better than watching two guys hitting a ball etc.Tennis is a cruel joke played on people,only tennis nutters ive ever met are over 50 and that is probably the meds talking.Anyhoo we are under its tyranny for the next two weeks nothing but people hitting balls and winning points etc.Worst of all we have to wait TWO WEEKS to get out FG and AD fix (shut up foxtel/austar subscribers).Im glad that this is the only tournament which is broadcast in primetime tv.WE WANT FG AND AD BACK! we will get it back at once and victory will be ours!.

Yours truly