Foaminian rant of the day:Open letter to RIAA and all other groups of that ilk

Im sick of these wankers and i want to set the record straight,no matter how much you sue 12 year olds,threaten ISP'S,shut down p2p things or torrent site.You will never stop file sharers EVER so stop it,yes i know its illegal and blablabla but has it stop anyone i think not.So accept that fact and you will be much happier for it,so fire the lawyers,stop the ads and posters and crap,get back to what you people where once good at Making music yes thats right go back to what you know and meant to be good at.

We are different we are not pirates at all,we are just simple music lovers who like to share stuff we like with other people.We are not thieves at all we like the artists we download we buy there cd's,we go to there concerts,we buy there merch and whatever goddamn stuff they decide to flog off.Its a great promotion tool i think (especially obscure artists) i hang out in alot forums of different bands,i cant remember how many times ive had newbies on the forum say wow this band is awesome i first listen to them by downloading this song off the internet and then they buy all there albums.

So through “illegal” means that band has got a new fan and probably alot of bands are like,through these means i have discovered heaps of bands which are awesome.So if you tried to shut down places (except kazaa idiots and you guys already fucked it up)you cutting you nose off despite your face.

Yours truly



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