Israel legalised euthanasia and kevorkian might be getting out.

They have legalised euthanasia in israel which is a good thing, because you have the inalienable right to live, you should have the inalienable right to die if you so choose, you shouldent have what you can do with your life dictated by christian group and other minority groups.If there proper regulations are in place (which there is in netherlands and other places where its legal)there will be no slippery slope,there hasnt been in place like netherlands and netherlands has had euthanasia legalised for a good 10 years.There is a growing number countries which are legalising euthanasia and thats a good thing.

This is good thing kevorkian might be getting out.Which is good although he shouldent be there in the first place.He is not a murderer he was helping who want to die,putting people out of there pain and misery which should be commended.He should be pardoned because he did nothing wrong and he his not a murderer.


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