20 days until christmas survival guide

Christmas day rules you eat lots,you get free stuff and if you lucky
you can get pissed.But the months before absolutely suck ass.

1)If you go into shops they are invariably going to have christmas
music (if you can call it that).Go into stores listening to your mp3
player with your favorite music,even better with a bit know how you can
get into the system and voila! everyone can hear your music (Even if
its death metal, most people can tolerate that instead of that crap
before actually i recommend death metal.)

2)For all other forms of christmas music, your mp3 player/discman/whatever should come in handy (if you cant avoid it)

 3)In preparation for carolers or other people of that ilk,invest in a gun and make sure its licensed and loaded.

4)Well for christmas movies and specials switch over to sbs, they
usually dont have that. like for example for last christmas eve, they
had a happy tree friends christmas special which is a awesome
show.Occasionally they will have south park on christmas eve just to
piss off the wowsers and other dickheads of that ilk,lets hope that sbs
has something decent on christmas eve when the crap gets really bad
(think miracle on 34th street).

4b)watch your favorite dvd or go to your local video store and get a good tera patrick movie *ahem*

5)Also if there is christmas lights display keeping you up all night,
because some dumb yuppie thought it would be fun to have the fucking
brightest lights in the neighbourhood get some sturdy rubber gloves
(you dont want to get fried)and bolt cutters.When they have gone to
sleep get into there front yard and cut ever single christmas light you
can get hold of.

Yours truly



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