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Foaminian rant of the day:Open letter to RIAA and all other groups of that ilk

December 9, 2005

Im sick of these wankers and i want to set the record straight,no matter how much you sue 12 year olds,threaten ISP'S,shut down p2p things or torrent site.You will never stop file sharers EVER so stop it,yes i know its illegal and blablabla but has it stop anyone i think not.So accept that fact and you will be much happier for it,so fire the lawyers,stop the ads and posters and crap,get back to what you people where once good at Making music yes thats right go back to what you know and meant to be good at.

We are different we are not pirates at all,we are just simple music lovers who like to share stuff we like with other people.We are not thieves at all we like the artists we download we buy there cd's,we go to there concerts,we buy there merch and whatever goddamn stuff they decide to flog off.Its a great promotion tool i think (especially obscure artists) i hang out in alot forums of different bands,i cant remember how many times ive had newbies on the forum say wow this band is awesome i first listen to them by downloading this song off the internet and then they buy all there albums.

So through “illegal” means that band has got a new fan and probably alot of bands are like,through these means i have discovered heaps of bands which are awesome.So if you tried to shut down places (except kazaa idiots and you guys already fucked it up)you cutting you nose off despite your face.

Yours truly



The final day of school yay!

December 9, 2005

Its the final day of school thank fuck,now i have seven weeks of doing sleeping in,going on the computer,watching tv etc etc.This should be good but mum wants to ship me off to some school holiday programs shit with other people 'like me' please give me a fucking break,although this might not be so bad because its her idea she will have to pay for the excursions and stuff like going to the leisure centre and it will be free for me,but im not getting up at 9:00 for nobody Ok?

Israel legalised euthanasia and kevorkian might be getting out.

December 8, 2005

They have legalised euthanasia in israel which is a good thing, because you have the inalienable right to live, you should have the inalienable right to die if you so choose, you shouldent have what you can do with your life dictated by christian group and other minority groups.If there proper regulations are in place (which there is in netherlands and other places where its legal)there will be no slippery slope,there hasnt been in place like netherlands and netherlands has had euthanasia legalised for a good 10 years.There is a growing number countries which are legalising euthanasia and thats a good thing.

This is good thing kevorkian might be getting out.Which is good although he shouldent be there in the first place.He is not a murderer he was helping who want to die,putting people out of there pain and misery which should be commended.He should be pardoned because he did nothing wrong and he his not a murderer.

Red devils lose NOOOOO!

December 8, 2005

Its seems every time i get the privilege to watch a manchester united match,they freaking lose grrrr.They lost 2-1 to benfica and now there out of the champions league NOOOO!.I refuse to pay $50 dollars a month to watch tv when i can do that for free,so i guess i will have to put up with watching 2-5 games a year.

20 days until christmas survival guide

December 5, 2005

Christmas day rules you eat lots,you get free stuff and if you lucky
you can get pissed.But the months before absolutely suck ass.

1)If you go into shops they are invariably going to have christmas
music (if you can call it that).Go into stores listening to your mp3
player with your favorite music,even better with a bit know how you can
get into the system and voila! everyone can hear your music (Even if
its death metal, most people can tolerate that instead of that crap
before actually i recommend death metal.)

2)For all other forms of christmas music, your mp3 player/discman/whatever should come in handy (if you cant avoid it)

 3)In preparation for carolers or other people of that ilk,invest in a gun and make sure its licensed and loaded.

4)Well for christmas movies and specials switch over to sbs, they
usually dont have that. like for example for last christmas eve, they
had a happy tree friends christmas special which is a awesome
show.Occasionally they will have south park on christmas eve just to
piss off the wowsers and other dickheads of that ilk,lets hope that sbs
has something decent on christmas eve when the crap gets really bad
(think miracle on 34th street).

4b)watch your favorite dvd or go to your local video store and get a good tera patrick movie *ahem*

5)Also if there is christmas lights display keeping you up all night,
because some dumb yuppie thought it would be fun to have the fucking
brightest lights in the neighbourhood get some sturdy rubber gloves
(you dont want to get fried)and bolt cutters.When they have gone to
sleep get into there front yard and cut ever single christmas light you
can get hold of.

Yours truly


Summer is coming

December 4, 2005

Its coming again summer ugh im a winter/spring/autumn person they can keep summer,people say that go to the beach.Not me i will be sitting home and watching the cricket,having fan up full blast and eating lots of icecream and soft drinks.Yeah that what summer is about stinking hot days,watching the cricket(go Australia),Maybe go down to the beach (when its cool down)anyone who thinks that going down the beach on 40 degree day is fun needs to be shot.Watching summer tv which usually sucks, but this year is a bit better with shows like family guy and futurama coming on.

That is my summer

Yours truly

Foamy squirrel:lord and master

December 3, 2005

The reason i stayed up till 2:00 in the morning was because of this little bastard.

EDIT:I found this site it has all episode 1-89

very very funny shit

P.S for all the delicate petals out there it contains swearing

R.I.P van nguygen

December 2, 2005

This is a sad day people he has being hanged :(.This is wrong no one should die like this.My deepest heartfelt condolences go out to his family especially his brother.

Rest in peace

Yours truly